Si, il quasimagia su sono io

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I use linux at home (with bottles for games) and windows at work, because it’s not my choice. Btw, at work I use windows only to run wsl2

I like ASMR videos but it’s for calmness/background… I experienced sometimes that “strange” state you’re talking about, but almost never with those videos (maybe once).

It often happens when I’m at the barber’s shop, when the barber is cutting my hair or beard.

But only when is not talking (and barbers talk a lot…)

If you are not interested in modern gaming, photo/video editing or other similar activities he’s right - there’s no need for buyng new laptops.

I love “reviving” old laptops, I started doing it for hobby but later I found those laptops very useful

I used Keepass but I dropped it because I had difficulties with sync using ftp servers on linux clients (I think it’s a mono bug) - now I use Devol’s Bitwarden instance and I’m satisfied, but I’m planning to install a little vaultwarden instanse on my RaspberryPi

At my job we used linux (I have an old pc and I’m still using it) but now the company forced us to use windows.


Everyone uses wsl2.