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Sounds familiar to me😂

Slidge XMPP bridge to other networks
Slidge is a xmpp server bridge to many closed networks, e.g WhatsApp signal Telegram. It is in a very early stage and very actively developed. Progress is getting better and better, for me currently one of the most important XMPP projects

8 legs are missing🤣

afaik Ejabberd already supports mqtt

already Updated without any issues

Sadly only for the business edition… Will it be available for the community edition someday too? yes it will come for the community edition too. That are great news🙂


In my opinion the world isn’t that black and white. For example in my experience let’s compare eclipse (FOSS) Netbeans (I think it was FOSS too) and Intellij. Eclipse and Netbeans were both great IDE’s in the early days. The open plugin architecture of eclipse made Netbeans a de-facto dead project. But the extremely pluggable architecture of eclipse became the biggest disadvantage, e.g there were plugins which were incompatible together and it happened really fast that you broke your IDE. Besides the many legacy interfaces which were still present because of backwards compatibility made it really difficult for a new plugin developer to know which interface to choose for which functionalities. Then there were Jetbrains with their new (proprietary) IDE Intellij, which came long after eclipse, and increased there Market in a very short time, with a very stable piece of software and a clean and intuitive UI.

I was a long time user and defender of eclipse, but in the last 2 years I worked with Intellij and never looked back.

I get a 404 error when trying to open that link

Doesn’t sym linking the theme works too? I’m using the alternatives way in Ubuntu

Yep. And really funny that they claimed it will be the last version of Windows, and will live eternal via updates🤪