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The Soviet Union was actually 5 people, 3 of them holding guns at a farmer and a tractor guy.

More left wing house parties. I just assumed I wasn’t getting invited :P

My dad did this too (albeit at uni), one of my friends offered me cheaper rent, so I moved out

Anyone want to go over the whole archive should group them by clothing, features, and glitches. Try to avoid stuff like injuries (that one blind guy) or odd facial features generally unless its obviously computerised.

“What if instead of the ‘middle-class’ taxpayer funding the army that protects capital, the billionaires paid for their own private armies?” - ancaps worried about regulations or something

I can’t believe that the weird religious people sending me chain emails would lie to me about what Einstein said/did with his atheist professor.

On point 1: NATO is definitely not the real victim here, regardless of what side you’re on.

No partner, but I’d want them to be some sort of left anti-capitalist, or else dinner talk is going to get very annoying very quickly.

Spoiler to the other replies here, didn’t Gaddafi call his green book a “third position”? But yes, for the most part it means fascism.

“This tastes barbaric, unlike the refined civilised hambone of the American.” - Ukrani

Australia, it’s similar to the UK. Americans are libertarian corn-drunk idiots with no taste, but we’d rather have them in charge than China. Also we pay our military tithe to the US by way of buying tanks and F-35s, so our political class bends the knee.

Personally, I like most American accents, so there’s that for you.

I like it how during the 90s and 2000s, evangelical christians had email chains claiming Einstein as one of their own. Like… Yeah, sure, this jewish communist is really carrying water for your money church.

Possibly because the libs support those nazis. A lot of right wing media is rooted in contrarianism against the “mainstream media”.

I have the sort of brain where if I’m asked this sort of egregious question, I am stunned into silence. Absolutely terrible at live argument