cop: You have the right to an attorney. If you cant afford one, we will provide you with the dumbest f'ing lawyer on earth. One more thing, that attorney that was provide for you? May not be free.
perp: What?
cop: Basically, you're screwed
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Boss put out an official statement saying we’re not allowed sick days 🙌🏿
cross-posted from: > (unless they jumping through more hoops than a sick person could reasonably do) > > Coworkers hard at work defending this policy as usual. > > Before there was unofficially no sicks days allowed. But they hired a bunch of new staff and I guess they're not used to no rights yet 🙈

Vandalize your break room’s hustle grind posters
cross-posted from: > boss recently put up posters around the office encouraging us to never take sick days and always prioritize work over everything else.

what drugs do libertarians do?
cross-posted from: > Since they talk about 100% productivity, prob stims. Sedatives/tranquilizers to sleep afterwards? > > Antidepressants? Since feeling emotions and being a human machine sounds depressing.

CMV: if you work night shift fri, sat, sun and want to have a good social life with friends, you need stimulants (caffeine, modafinil etc)
cross-posted from: > Or a health thing that means you can still be lively with no sleep. > > Or being like a boomer and your friends wake up before like noon. > > Also sedatives to sleep. I've had chronic insomnia since starting night shifts

cross-posted from: > In general it would be nice if fdroid had a review function. > > Specifically trying to use it as a kakeibo / budget

Night shift: how to sleep in the day time when neighbors pumping their subwoofer?
cross-posted from: > Drafty run down apartment. My entire wooden floor is shaking. Spoke to the neighbor about it. > > Hot take: subwoofer in bad apartments should be illegal. At least concrete might absorb the bass better. I lived in a building with this rule once. > > Slum lord doesn't do anything in general about building maintenance

How does one fake a college degree?
So i can stop working full time but still have to go to the food bank cross-posted from: > Main problem is verification services like > > Apparently people can also just call the registrar’s office and verify student name, major, degree, and year awarded. > > If you are willing to pay around 500 dollars you will get degrees official transcripts and pretty much everything you need. But like i'm not sure if what to do with official transcripts, like during the interview just throwing them down on the table randomly would look sus.

How to disable wall mounted wifi cameras at work?
cross-posted from: > So when I first started working at my job, I was told that the owner of the store would sometimes watch us through out the cameras in the store, and if we weren’t being productive then he would call the manager in the store to let us know. > > At first I thought is was a joke to keep us on our toes but I was proved wrong very quickly when the manager informed us that the owner was watching us clean up through the cameras and wanted us to go faster. > > Now, what he considers being “non-productive” is leaning for a second, or talking to a friend while smiling. Etc > > I think this is very creepy and weird and I’ve never had this experience at any of my other jobs.