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Them too. Army reserves and mercenaries that somehow were less accountable than the army from what I remember.

well, this is what the US did during the Iraq war.

Don’t worry, we’ll hand you a “trotskyist” working for the NSA. And that NSA agent will get intel on the Mossad agent. And the Mossad agent will get intel on the Interpol agent. And the Interpol agent will get all of the intel on you. We communists believe in mutually beneficial solutions. /s

Demsocs and radlibs support imperialism. I’ve seen patsocs support china and oppose imperialism, but also support anti imperialist countries for less than great reasons (often for their reactionary culture). if you are a person outside of the US imperial core I don’t think they are important enough to concern yourself with much.

I agree with this guy on most leftist internet groups nowadays: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=qtoBwCJlT5w start at about 2:30 this guy is kind of a joke in his own way

Until leftist groups in the imperial core actually have power to undermine imperialism, they are just white noise.

Patsocs just take unkindly stances towards LGBT and ethnic minorities. Also sometimes they are anti worker to some worker groups like Starbucks baristas for their aesthetics concerns over substance of what makes someone a worker. If the patsocs ever took power I would not trust them to stand against imperialism on principle. To them it is about the notional support of workers with conservative social policy in order to recruit neocons to something more supportive of workers. I would not be surprised if they are a federal psyop.

Haz (infafred) and Caleb Maupin are patcocs (understood here as modern strausserites) not appreciated here, but this is just posting good mirrored content. Bay Area 415 was appreciated on the Genzedong subreddit. These patsocs think that appealing to reactionaries trans-phobia, homophobia, and racism is a good means to get them to support workers rights. My impression is that they are dialectical idealists, and willing to maintain white/cis/straight supremacy to get worker rights and see helping marginalized groups as a bourgeoisie luxury. I’ve listened to Haz and concluded that to him being dialectical just means being incoherent.

I agree that just asking people to feel guilty for their whiteness is probably not a good means of convincing people, but how about we just treat people with respect if they are not hurting anyone. Read your history and realize that if you are white and in the heart of empire you have advantages that others don’t, but you are still proletariat and your interests are in helping all proletariat, so kicking down at people that do you no harm is counterproductive. As communists we want to liberate the entire human race to be who they are as long as they are not exploiting anybody. If you hate black people committing crimes due to desperation, then they should be given opportunities and we should stop disenfranchising them from wealth and power.

Making ideological concessions before you even really have power just shows a level of weakness in conviction. Maybe saying you really want to do what the slave-holding founding fathers pretended to want to do is fine, but there is a difference between meeting people where they are at and lacking in communist principles.

The dude is also mirroring Maupin and Haz but whatever, good find.

Literal vampire Peter Theil has a dark enlightenment philosophy that functions similarly to dialectical materialism, but embraces inequality. He is a smart power broker that runs the state surveillance apparatus of Palintir. Ghouls like him are rewarded by the capitalist system. and they are able to provide funding to all kinds of influencers to promote imperialism, racism, white supremacy, transphobia sexism, and all of the other kinds of stuff that just treats people like shit for arbitrary reasons that they have no control over. This is what they’ll do to keep their unjust positions of power.

Funnily enough it is super expensive to maintain this superstructure and people that do the superstructural work have to actively sensor their platforms. What kind of losers really get angry about trans people if they don’t know any trans people while real problems of living in america caused by the bourgeoisie state taking back all of the freedoms won by the labor movement?

What is the difference between Bill Mahr and an Ayn Rand Libertarian at this point?

from Engels on authority: “These gentlemen think that when they have changed the names of things they have changed the things themselves. This is how these profound thinkers mock at the whole world.”

Normally don’t the millitary leaders have to do some nonsense propaganda to get people to be willing to kill other human beings? Nazis make that kind of work easy for their enemies by behaving like inhuman monsters to begin with.

Yea, if it is actually a spy satellite, the data should have already been sent over to other stations via radio waves encrypted.

We need you to publish on the china bad times

What are the odds that this is completely fabricated wholecloth?

Not enough urban sprawl that requires complete dependency on personal automobiles. Not enough homeless people begging for change because there is no welfare state

So Russia will be weakened militarily and the USA will be weakened millitarily and diplomatically, the EU will be politically unstable while China just chills trying to get loans and economic development with everyone else.

The paper states that the main reason that Ukraine’s decision to not negotiate is that the US gives them optimism to continue the war. They also say that Russia has reason to believe that the sanctions might continue even after the war is over. That is all that I could get for material analysis from this 32 page document.

“A dramatic, overnight shift in U.S. policy is politically impossible—both domestically and with allies—and would be unwise in any case. But developing these instruments now and socializing them with Ukraine and with U.S. allies might help catalyze the eventual start of a process that could bring this war to a negotiated end in a time frame that would serve U.S. interests. The alternative is a long war that poses major challenges for the United States, Ukraine, and the rest of the world”

The US leaders are too stubborn to pull out of this stupid war that will undermine capitalism. Good.

What do you mean? Your personal feelings of disgust emerge from your surroundings. What in particular about what Lennin’s USSR grosses you out so much? He liberated the Russian people from the monarchs and turned the Russian country from a backward nation to a spacefaring nation fighting toe to toe with the most advanced capitalist country in a short time.

I guess even in helping high profile politicians, the cops are useless and show up too late.

I mean I guess there is a distinction of nuance between us that support Marxism Lenninism in the 21st century. Maybe it is because of a lack of information to side one way or the other. I think it is important for Americans of this tendancy to lean towards pushing the American armed forces to do less foreign intervention because we see how terrible the results are. I agree that a Russian victory would strike a blow against American imperialism. However Putin has done things that are not very cash money in the cause of Marxism Lenninism, like taking advantage and contributing to the undemocratic fall of the USSR, (among other things)