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His other videos are much more forward-thinking, it’s true. I have not seen the “strong towns” ones so I’ll have a look later.

The planning of cities is, among other things, tied to the willingness to accommodate huge, wasteful vehicles.

I look at this the other way. If cities were properly designed, people would no longer need SUVs. Right now they need them to feel safe, and it’s okay for people to want to feel safe. If cities were developed a bit more soundly, people would no longer feel this need.

You don’t need to push people out of SUVs by making cities more hostile to them. You just need to make cities less hostile to cycling and buses, and everyone who can will use them. Cities should accommodate everyone, including cyclists and SUV users, whereas right now the accommodate neither.

But I understand the other perspective too, that SUVs are more dangerous and therefore should be banned. But I don’t find the video convincing at all, unless you were already convinced about that before watching.

It’s a very American perspective. By focusing on car design, he is missing out on the important issues.

Nothing in the video matters. If all the SUVs were instantly replaced by Igos, society would still have all the same problems, maybe 10 or 20% smaller. It wouldn’t solve anything.

Focusing on the differences in car design is a distraction from the important changes, which are mostly about city planning. The need for cars (among other things) disappears once city planning is done properly.

That might not matter. Language is not always a barrier.

And anyway, there is a kit you can learn from people you don’t understand.

I’ve spent too much time explaining currency theory to purple who aren’t really interested. So if you have a specific question I can answer it. But not many questions and not a debate.

IMO it’s an american thing. The society there is obsessed with race.

No matter what the issue is, somehow somebody will make a connection with race. It’s really striking once you listen to enough conversation from there.

The word master has a lot of meanings, but one of them has racial connotations, in a context unrelated to git branches.

Bitcoin should have led to global currency reform, for a start. That failed. It could still lead to energy reform and other important societal progress. But regulation and other factors are killing it.

I don’t think NATO is trying to win the war. It just wants to drag it out. NATO needs to be at war all the time. It can never stop being at war.

Google, Facebook or Microsoft can buy it if this is likely. If can’t buy it they can get it banned.

it’s not Russia vs the Ukraine. it’s Russia vs the usa. it’s a traditional proxy war. the Ukraine is just the place where the superpowers are fighting/ravaging.

They want more money?

They are feigning a funding crisis, pretending they don’t have enough weapons to go around, in order to get more money to make weapons?

I’m not here to answer your question (though TBF most of the other commenters didn’t answer it either) but I’d like to ask you about burnout.

I find that in times where there is a lot going on, both at work and at home, I am multi-tasking all day, juggling many so many different urgent jobs that I can’t think about any of them, think about what I am doing now or doing next, or think at all.

When go to bed I have fought many fires, but have accomplished nothing, and still have just and many frustrating jobs waiting for the next day. After several days of this I am continuously anxious and irritable. My mind is a fog.

Is this burnout?

What helps? Writing down all the jobs in a list and going through them sequentially. Just refuse to do anything not urgent or that someone else can do. But any job that takes less than 5 minutes just do immediately without even writing it down.

Taking a 20 minute nap. Sometimes that doesn’t help, so sit alone in a dark room for as long as it takes for the mind to clear.

Prolonged intense exercise helps. So does spending time in a new place. Talking socially with other people. Maybe drugs, but for me neither beer nor spirits help at all.

But these solutions all consume time. So you need to get through all the jobs first. When you reach the end, you have enough free time to do those things. To heal your mind after the burnout.

They probably have separate educational regimes and policies.

Well the most common and effective way of destroying local cultures, is to force the people to speak the common language.

For example in France, the UK, and many other places, there used to be many local regions, with their own languages and strong local cultures and loyalties. The rulers wanted to kill the local cultures, so that the people would have no local identity. This stops disloyalty or independent thinking or independence movements.

They did this by forcing their subjects to speak a common language.

This policy was perfectly effective.

A province speaking its own language can easily maintain its own identity and push for independence. Without its own language this is more difficult, even if it keeps its own customs.

I think I’ve been too vague. So I can elaborate about these policies in the UK or France, if you like. For other territories (Spain, Italy, etc) I believe the same thing happened but I’m not the expert.

I’m not sure they’re really the same question. Be careful of making a false equivalence.

Your questions are very loaded. Most people would answer “there shouldn’t be ANY racism at all!”

In that case, if the questions are really equivalent, everyone’s answer to the original question should be “there shouldn’t be any censorship at all” or maybe “there should be complete censorship for everyone”.

But I don’t think that’s the right conclusion. Therefore the questions are not equivalent. This is too simplistic.

Because you’re taking a very technical rhetorical stance, I’ll try to answer the same way.

Racism is a damaging thing. There’s no good side to it.

Censorship is also a damaging thing. But it can sometimes be a necessary evil to prevent worse evils. There is a sweet spot where it prevents more damage than it causes.

Racism is a natural feature that arises in groups of people, but censorship is a political measure. So if there is a damaging amount of racism in lemmy, censorship can be used to reduce it. While there is no underlying racism problem, then censorship causes its harm while producing no benefit.

These things are hard to measure, so censorship is normally a matter of very careful consideration.

That all sounds delicious. I’ll have to wait til somebody imports these culinary techniques to Europe. I guess our insects are probably just as good if prepared right.

I guess this food is very cheap, so it could be a much tastier alternative to the tofu- and corn syrup-based economy that’s providing for Europe’s food-poor.


y’all need to get out of your western bubble

It’s not actually a such a bad argument you’re making. But it’s very hard to take seriously when you include little bits of hypocrisy.

I’ve only tried them once, as a novelty snack. They were fine, crunchy and sour. I definitely wouldn’t choose it over a normal food.

But every time I’ve read about people making meals with insects (the same kind of endevour as the OP) the flavour is always hidden in a strong sauce.

What meals/recipes have you tried that were pretty good?

People say these things all the time. The problem is that insects taste awful. Famished people commonly eat insects, but nobody else. Telling people to eat insects is a bit pointless.

In terms of efficiency - extracting the most calories from the soil to the plate, poultry and rodents and hares are almost as good. If you’re asking people to switch, these are more realistic suggestions.

> the research would have sent “extremely” loud shock waves every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day for five months, potentially harming marine species and disrupting their routines.

This is a straw-man argument. Nobody would ever (I hope) try to implement UBI that way. It would be a disaster.

But this is a general problem. Proponents and opponents of any thing, are usually talking about very different versions of the thing. If not, they have incompatible perspectives on the thing. I can explain more about this if you like - you really need to see examples to see why it’s important.

There aren’t really serious doubts about whether UBI would work, or what its effects are on society. But there are many misunderstandings about what UBI is.

I can axplain later about UBI if you like. But for now, what kind of revolution are you thinking of? What is the political goal of the anti-work people?

Are you talking about UBI? Or communism? Or something else?

But after UBI much more charity work will start being done. There will be a critical mass of people who have time and funds to build up their own communities.

I would keep doing the same job, but also some community work.

In a lot of the world people are car-dependent. So we must force manufacturers to stop making tyres that wear excessively fast. Which is easy for governments but difficult anyone else.

And reducing car-dependency obviously would be the longer term solution.

A big problem in cities. Is already known to cause serious diseases in humans, and the research is only beginning now. We don’t know anything about the effects on wildlife.

Oh right, the supporting info is all there really. What’s the link?

Why should we believe the second assertion over the first one?

IMO to contradict someone, you need a stronger argument, like more credible details or a reference.

Oh right. I heard that the EU is turning a blind eye to fertiliser smuggling, ignoring its own laws. But not the other things.

It will be interesting. If Russia can keep control of the region, and NATO doesn’t scorch the earth, that would really change global geopolitics.

Which sanctions have been repealed?

Could be.

NATO is using an even smaller amount of its force right now. It can continue drawing Russia on into the Ukraine, then gradually escalate and push back. It can control the pace of the war. I think it will win. But it will try to prolong the war as long as possible, to engage more of Russia’s army.

Yes that’s fair. He is allowing Russia and the USA to use the Ukraine as munitions test site, in this war game they playing.

I’ve even argued that he should have surrendered early on. The USA will not allow Russia to control those ports. It would have stepped in and started bombing the Russian army within hours. Russia would withdraw. The Ukraine would be saved.

Now, we will eventually have the same outcome IMO, but only after the Russian army and the Ukrainian cities are destroyed.


Why is everybody posting screengrabs of websites, but no link to the actual website.
Example from the top of the frontpage right now https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345928 https://lemmy.ml/post/345290 https://lemmy.ml/post/345883 https://lemmy.ml/post/345838

Buy a new bike and conversion kit, or an e-bike?
It seems obvious. If i spend 600€ on a new bike and 600€ on a conversion kit, i will get a very high spec e-bike. But i would have to spend double that, about 3000€ to get an okay quality off-the-shelf e-bike. The off-the-shelf e-bike won't be the exact size/style i like. They are nearly all city-bike style. Not many sizes are available, usually just small, medium, large (whatever that men's). It will be much heavier. It will be more difficult to customise, for example with baby seat, lights, horns, mirrors. It will probably be impossible to de-restrict, to be usable at normal cycling speeds. **Most importantly**, it will not use standard parts. For example if the battery or motor dies after a few years, i have to buy a replacement from the same manufacturer, if that is even available. For a converted bike, i can change the components independently and choose any brand for the new parts (i think). What is the argument for buying an off-the-shelf e-bike? Why would anyone do that?

Electric bike maintenance
Is it possible to service an electric bike the same as a normal one? --- * One of the great things about cycling is that bikes are easy to maintain. When something wears out you can just buy a new part and the tool and repair it. Compare that with almost everything else in the world - TVs, cars, boilers, fridges, everything. The spare parts are either patented or proprietary. When you first buy one, you're buying into a lifetime of hassle and expense and drudgery, dealing with tradesmen. It's so bad that most people replace those machines every few years, rather than dealing with the trial of trying to maintain them. It's so bad that authorities enforce maintenance schedules, because many people just can't face it. When you buy a bicycle you keep it forever. You and it bare matching scars from your past accidents. You spend summer afternoons caring for it. You gradually modify it until it matches your personality. A car starts to decay after a few years, you start to hate it. You throw a lot of money into it, then you throw it in the dump and you buy a new one. ****** * If you follow the perspective I'm taking, then would you say that electric bicycles are like cars or like bicycles? It looks like everything electric is proprietary and not standardised - and therefore hard to source and expensive and bad quality. But maybe I'm wrong, or maybe things will change in the near future? ` __ ,--. <__) `- |________7 |`. |\ .--|. \ |.\--. / j \ `.7__j__\ \ | o | (o)____O) | \ / J \ / `---' `---' `- - - -

The croissant diet
https://fireinabottle.net/introducing-the-croissant-diet/ Bonus: the wine diet https://fireinabottle.net/wine-fasting-tcd-redux-part-2/ The state star codex about all of this: https://slatestarcodex.com/2020/03/10/for-then-against-high-saturated-fat-diets/

food packaging info
It's great that we can see on packaging if the eggs we buy are from chickens tortured in a [pit of despair](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit_of_despair), or ones better cared for. But consumers' information so still bdly restricted. Imagine the changes shops would have to make if they were forced to show on the label/tag * the profit margin for that item * the date if was made (especially for perishables which are often not as fresh as they look) * whether the price has changed in the last month, and what the price used to be * for meat: what have they been feeding it * for grain: what incecticides have been sprayed on the landscape * how big is the company producing the product (in number of staff, in annual profit, or in land) * etc These are all just example. I wouldn't propose doing all of them. But even a small bit of information, be it hidden or revealed, can make a big difference.

Open survey about censorship on lemmy
This seems to be becoming the hot topic, the elephant in the chatroom - the balance between censorship / freedom of speech on lemmy. There are solid arguments for both ways, and good compromises too. IMO the FAQ makes it quite clear what the devs have built here, and why. But recent discussions, arguments, make it clear that a lot of the most vocal users object to it. I'm very curious. Many **active** users feel this way? Please vote using the up arrows in the comments.