I work on the Mellium project and sometimes on XEPs. Bike mechanic during the day, but also sometimes freelance software development.

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Copied here for discussion among non-contributors: As more people begin to rely on this project I have become somewhat concerned that our bus factor of 1 (ie. "me") is too low. It would be good to find more maintainers or leads from among the contributors who can be given access and continue the project if I become incapacitated or stop working on the project for any other reason. However, there really aren't enough contributions (or contributors who have a deep understanding of the full project) to do this right now, so the first step would be to try and find/engage more regular contributors. Suggestions welcome.

Oh nifty, I do this when backpacking to keep rice, noodles, or whatever grains and cereals I’m carrying dry, but it never occurred to me that folks might do it at home too! What bottles work/look the best I wonder? On the trail I always used Gatorade bottles because they’re a bit thicker walled.

Testing Gajim 1.4.0 in Fedora
The new [Gajim 1.4.0 release]( has hit the Fedora testing repositories and been submitted to go to stable! You can find it on the testing/feedback server here (for Fedora 37): If you'd like to install it, you can run the following: ``` dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing gajim ``` You can also provide feedback by installing the `fedora-easy-karma` package, authenticating with a Fedora account, and running it like so: ``` fedora-easy-karma --fas-username=samwhited gajim ```

Right? Can I just sit on my bike and pretend to pedal?

I created a new Gajim community and cross posted there as well, for future use!

Gajim 1.4.0 released
cross-posted from: > Massive update! > XMPP

I’ve been looking forward to the UI overhaul since the office hours demo! I’m looking forward to it trickling into Fedora.

Togethr: Social
A new initiative from the folks at creates a fediverse compatible hosting solution that eventually aims to integrate with XMPP!

Welcome, and thanks for the newsletter translations!

Yes, I’m aware, but “rarely” is not “never”, so it seems worth having them.

It doesn’t “just” do that, it also makes it easier for the elderly, those in a wheelchair, those rolling a grocery trolley full of bags, etc.

This thread was pasted to Open Collective and I'd love to get your thoughts there, here, or in the chat room. --- Hi all, I'd like to get a feeling from our contributors about how funds should be used. I've marked several issues as prerequisite to implementing OMEMO recently, and wondered if it's worth allowing part of the bounty to be paid on these blocking issues to try and encourage development on them, or would it be better to save the whole bounty and pay it out to whomever implements OMEMO itself? For example, #292 has nothing to do with OMEMO itself, but needs to be done before any OMEMO implementation is very useful. I'd love to get your thoughts, especially if you're thinking a bout implementing any part of it or are one of the financial contributors to the bounty. If we do want to allocate some amount, how do we decide how much for each issue?

This may not be as amazing if you're not from Atlanta, but someone at the local bike co-op ( recently came in to paint a bike using MARTA (the local public transit authority; colors! I've never seen such a good reaction and I've definitely never seen a bike I wanted this badly! It's just a prototype before doing it to a good frame, so I can't wait to see the final result! It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but even the cable guides are orange, yellow, and blue which I thought was a nice touch. ![A white bicycle frame with orange, yellow, and blue stripes that match the marta colors](

This release fixes RFC 3920 session building ([#3468](, improves certificate errors handling, and adds an XEP-0454 (OMEMO Media Sharing) plugin. The python cryptography package is required to use the XEP-0454 plugin.

The Dev Communiqué for April 2022 has been released! Copied below, for your convenience: April continued to be a slow month for Mellium, but never the less we have some exciting updates to report! But first, the stats! - 9 commits to []( from 2 contributors - 1 new contributors! - 3 commits to [Communiqué]( - $64.43 in donations towards sustaining Mellium development from 2 contributors ## The big news this month is the release of [v0.21.2](, of course. After this **the the work was mostly care work and bug fixes to make sure Mellium remains a high-quality XMPP implementation**. A special thanks goes to new contributor Julien Lavocat who fixed a bug in resource binding when using Mellium on the server! Aside from this a small memory leak was found when establishing connections, the compression package was moved to the new []( module, and an [API was added]( to allow accepting only specific [in-band bytestreams]( connections which is needed for protocols that negotiate byte streams out of band such as [Jingle File Transfer]( ## Announcements Finally, we have two fun announcements this month! The first is that donations towards the [OMEOM end-to-end encryption project]( have broken through an arbitrary but fun ceiling and now total over $100 USD! If anyone would like to claim this bounty and has experience with encryption protocols, reach out to us by joining our chat room []( ([]( Secondly, we have launched a new federated space for the XMPP community over at [](! This is a [Lemmy]( instance, a federated forum/link sharing platform in the vein of Reddit. If you're not on it already, be sure to apply for an account and join us over on the [Mellium Co-op Community]( page, or checkout [all the communities]( and see if any of your other favorite projects have joined! Remember, it's federated, so you can even follow conversations from a Mastodon, Hometown, or other fedi-software or from another Lemmy instance! We hope this space will be a benefit to the broader XMPP community. Thanks for reading, we'll see you next month!

I apologize if thatwsas a joke, my bad

This is exactly why we should stop pretending everything is fine and actually try to address the problem of Google doing damage to open ecosystems.

This kind of language is literally what I was replying to. You’re not helping, you’re just ensuring fewer people use XMPP. Stop spreading fud.

When people say “killed” they obviously don’t mean “literally no one uses it”. Also no one really cares that Whatsapp or Google are still using it internally. Google did serious damage to the public network and the broader XMPP ecosystem and it’s worth acknowledging and learning from that instead of just complaining that someone wasn’t absolutely precise in their language. For all intents and purposes, XMPP is effectively dead to the general public. Let’s try to bring it back to popular use and make sure Google et al. can’t do their “embrace, extend, extinguish” thing again.

TL;DR — please stop being snarky to the OP.

When you say “not quite there yet”, what issues did you run into?

Do you already have a bridge setup and hooked up to your account, eg If you go to add a contact, for instance, it will let you add a phone number and automatically append the bridge address ( in this case)

I’ve been using Cheogram (another Conversations fork that adds features related to telephone dialing and SMS gateways; if you don’t use one of those, it’s probably not super useful and Conversations is a better choice). I think it’s only available on F-Droid, sadly:

Seems okay to me, but I’d bet existing ones are already established and probably other instances will have a wider user base. But I don’t see any reason to forbid it, personally.

The account applications appear to be working again (or maybe they always were?) but are just a bit slow. Expect registrations to take a few hours before approval. Thanks!

You can do this, but it’s extremely unpleasant in my experience. Their bridges never seem to work very well in general.

Quick update: it looks like email confirmations aren’t being sent and account applications aren’t working. I’ve emailed the hosting provider to ask for a fix and will update when account registration has been re-enabled.

On the main home page you can choose “local”, but otherwise no, Lemmy doesn’t have any real admin tools which is quite frustrating.

I believe I have cleaned up all the spam now; please file reports if you notice anything I’ve missed, thanks!