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It’s something that can definitely be felt.

The Internet’s early naive idealism was quickly overrun once capitalism caught up and figured out how to use it for it’s own nefarious purposes. It’s become corporate walled-gardens and filled with paper-thin communities, making it harder to find rich conversations and interesting topics for people to join in on together.

For all the issues places like the fediverse can have, it’s nice that there are still attempts being made to make the web feel more genuine.

If I had a dollar every time some “leftist” equates Lenin’s words on participating in bourgeois parliaments to voting blue, I’d be able to fund the revolution single-handedly.

I hope more young people begin to realize it. Unfortunately I see a lot unwilling to or that just don’t care. It makes me sad at what the internet could be but I can understand why the youth would see it this way. Ruling class hegemony has done an exceptional job at funneling people towards closed platforms with monetary ideals under the guise of being user-friendly/modern/fun.

I posted this article in another thread, but in short (as I’m on mobile) it’s related to one of the biggest contradictions of capitalism: the crisis of overproduction.

Linux Lived, Linux Lives, Linux Will Live
cross-posted from: > Russia is beginning the process of transitioning from Windows to Linux. Most likely as a way to avoid sanctions and to no longer be under the control of a US multinational corporation.

Absolutely brutal

About Hurd

In short: just say NO TO DRUGS, and maybe you won’t end up like the Hurd people.

Touch screens will just never be as productive as dedicated input peripherals. It’s similar to text editing in vim vs a GUI: point-and-click menu navigating and limited keyboard shortcuts bound to Ctrl will not be as productive as being entirely keyboard driven

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Yes, and I think it’s important to at least have similar views.

Certainly having a partner be a communist means that such an important part of your lives are compatible makes things easier, as well as having a built-in comrade no matter what. I’m sure relationships work where people with different political thoughts works, but I’ve only seen that (in the US) with a Democrat and a Republican partner. That would work fine given they’re both on the right, but I’m not sure anti-capitalist and pro-capitalists relationship would last, unless their or one of their views was lukewarm and not even close to revolutionary enough.