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Thanks for the post but this is a no go for me, will not recommend this to friends. From their FAQ :

Sunbird is not open source. Some of the messaging community believe that open source is more secure, it is our view that it is not. The more visibility there is into the infrastructure and code, the easier it is to penetrate it.

We are currently undergoing a third party audit (not Danny’s other company), that will validate our security, encryption and data policies.

If Bash is your default shell, you can install Fish to try its superb auto suggestions and the tab key, while leaving Bash as your default shell. These auto suggestions do not only work for your command line history but also for file names even when your first letters you type are in different order in the file name (For example, I know that I want to edit a file with the word work in it and start typing the word work and press tab key, but it turns out that the word does start instead with the word personal, Fish is still able to suggest the real file name to edit : personal_and_work_todo.txt). Fish has saved me a lot of typing time. And if you need Bash for a moment (Fish will complain about certain * usage), then temporarily exiting Fish or typing bash is an option.

After installing Fish, run the fish_config command to configure it via a local session in your web browser.

Some energy considerations | LibreServer Blog
tldr; > So when it comes to energy saving the things to focus on are the boring tech of lights and kitchen appliances. Especially any sort of heating appliance. Trying to save a few watts on computers won't make much of a reduction in electricity bills.

Checking their Gitlab description it looks like you are right. The OP mentioned Reddit in the post title though, and Reddit is “still” not federated ;-) Using I found these as well :

Interesting topic in my opinion.

Not an answer to your question but you can follow Mastodon users via RSS in your RSS feed reader.

In general staying away from caffeine, and use Redshift software on the computer screen. Then when I can’t sleep, listening to relaxing piano music or Binaural Beats (F-Droid app) and taking a little bit of CBD oil sometimes works wonders for me.

Nice site. Not only for technology but nature and science topics. When I compare Hacker News, Lobsters and Reddit, then HN scores usually best for insightful and useful comments. Worst on average for comments is Reddit.

Lemmy has a spoiler button …

Content Warning

Is that useful for your use case ?

Today helped a friend with their broken computer mouse. They happy, me happy.

Nice.Care to share details on how to make it work ?

I tried SimpleX Chat, and saw it requires the other person to be on-line, maybe that will change ? The project looks promising. I think they wanted to get more money to have a security audit done for the source code.

Interesting questions. I wonder what Aaron Swartz would think about this (No irony or sarcasm here. Was just reading a book about him). DuckDuckGo used to have instant answers at the right of the search result showing one answer from StackExchange. For some reason I don’t see that anymore from DDG (Did they remove it ? Or am I using some browser add-on blocking it?), but in that case you could if I recall correctly read the question and answer without even going to the StackExchange site. Can search engines be sued for copyright infringements for showing too much data ?

We value speed more than human life
While our roads remain as they are, and present speeds are kept up, the slaughter will continue..." —George Orwell, on the hypocrisy of "blame the victim" traffic campaigns. (Shown with his newly adopted son in stroller.)

I wish I could live in a world without screen locking, but for now I have moved to the old-school xscreensaver and xss-lock, to avoid any security bugs with the other software.

Cars are like pharmaceuticals.
There's a legitimate place for them, but we resort to them too much. —Peter D. Norton, author of Fighting Traffic.

Can’t find the list of supported browsers. Where did you read that ? Have not tried it but maybe it will not work with Librewolf flatpak, but in Arch Linux you can install the Librewolf binary with AUR. There are several other add-ons

What is the state of the Audacity forks ?
And will some Linux distributions opt to only include a certain fork of Audacity in their repositories and not the original Audacity ?

Enjoyed some walking and fresh air outside. Expect to do some reading in paper books. Watching some short videos.

Looks cool. But does it run Linux and DeGoogled Android ? What is the price of 32 GB version ?

What are you doing this weekend ?
Programming ? Watching videos ? Gaming ? Strolling outside ? Does Lemmy have polls ?

For Firefox, Chrome and other browsers

Where is the Firefox add-on ?

Is there a site with an overview of uptime, SSL certificate details of the instances ? Something similar like : That would make it more interesting to choose your instance to sign up.

I have read that depending on the filter sets you use with uBlock Origin your browser finger print will change. In the past Tails was using uBlock Origin with the Tor browser they shipped, but it looks like they removed it.

Am I being unreasonable in trying to steer the conversation into a topic that isn’t work-related?

Not at all. But when trying to look at it from their perspectives, their behaviour makes a bit of sense because for people who work full-time, 9 to 5, for 5 days a week, that makes up a lot of their time. But when people are passionate about their hobbies, like open source software or bird spotting, I would expect them to want to talk about that in their spare time.

Good question. Years ago NSA created NSA Linux and it was adopted by several Linux distributions. Why would the NSA do that ? Probably as the posted comment mentioned : increasing security for domestic companies.

Just do it, and see how it works out. Even if you get just very few others on board of your instance, you will have a safe space to talk. Looking at the climate crisis, the recent Twitter chaos, and the possibly delayed mental side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic I can imagine that more and more people will want to talk about their depressions and panics and so on.

I never had the feeling, that I could publicly write about my major depressions, personality disorders and panic disorder on Mastodon/Pleroma as well. On the contrary. From various, even quite large, instances (not even Nazi instances) the information was even used against me. As if I was talking about it on Twitter.

I see. Yes, that is very bad and can contribute to feeling very unsafe. On Mastodon a few years ago, I have seen long conversations though were people found comfort with each other. I guess it depends on which instances that happened. Now with the new Twitter exodus (Mastodon became more popular after a previous Twitter exodus, in 2018 I believe ?) I can imagine that a lot of the rude comments from Twitter will be imported. Creating a Lemmy or Mastodon instance to give a safe place for people with mental disorders, if it does not already exist, is a good idea.

Wikiless source code
The source code was taken down [in October]( after Wikimedia Legal Enforcement team had contacted Codeberg. The instances for Wikiless are still up, and I like using them via [Libredirect]( Why is Wikipedia not going after the Wikiless instances ? And what about these projects ? [distributed-wikipedia-mirror]( [Kiwix-Android]( I find it very useful to have a copy on-line in the browser, so I was thinking of hosting an instance myself, maybe even only in my home LAN.

A boot loader to manage ZFS boot environments for Linux

Which screensaver and screenlock are you using ?
Reading this made me wonder how y'all are keeping up with this problem.