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Just play pirated windows games? With lutris?

hmm I would only buy them from bike makers.

Also let’s hope they produce it in better quality than their laptops.

It’s almost as if profit driven companies and AI/ML don’t mix

Of course they do. Why would they fight with law enforcement over something that’s not profit??

Don’t fall for their propaganda ^^

It’s always there and it’s pretty weird for me too, sometimes I just post a reply and then it looks like an official or important reply, even though I didn’t even think I was mod in the sub.

I don’t think that the state of real medicine is the cause of alternative scam medicine. I think humans have a tendency to fall for this kind of crap, regardless of the state of evidence-based medicine.

Ich bin da auch etwas skeptisch, ob die EU wirklich die Expertise und Geschwindigkeit besitzt um zu reagieren auf das, was die Messenger dann machen.

Also autopilot on planes is way simpler, it’s just a compass and a few measurements of hight, speed etc and that’s basically it. There is no need for breaking at stoplights, pedestrians, emergency breaking and all that stuff.

Wait does cloud lane assist exist in vehicles in the road now? What happens if the signal cuts out?

Ich glaube, dass so ein Gesetz die verpflichten würde das zu implementieren, sonst wird bestraft oder eben auch aus den Stores entfernt.

Ich denke mit Rückzug ist schlicht gemeint, dass die Signal in den App Stores für UK nicht anzeigen lassen.

I feel like many eastern Europeans are quick to brand the Soviet Union as fascistic. Mussolini and the Nazis in Germany were fascists, there are fascists all over the world, but I think that the Soviet union was “only” totalitarian. What do you think?

We have similar problems here. Same like in most countries it’s a weird fringe left and otherwise prominent far right parties who think russia is fighting a just war here…

Germans only have to cross their neighbor poland to visit a country that is being invaded by russia. That’s why they care.

Podcasts weren’t mainstream enough and podcasters apparently didn’t think what spotify offered was enticing enough.

I am glad that it isn’t working, fuck spotify.

Welche Erfahrung mit dem Thema bringt der Autor denn mit?

Mastodon funktioniert doch ziemlich gut?? Eine Professionalisierung der Server bringt m.M.n vor allem viele Nachteile mit sich.

hmm the mnt reform does this as well and is already available :)

Damn that’s so cool, it would even make selfhosting with old hardware better, because it often has high power draw.

also if you wear top left with all black skinny clothes and turtleneck you'll be a special kind of hipster.

I am not going to downvote this but I am sick of seeing crap that some boring stochastic parroting language model spit out.

Scheiss drauf ich feier die Letzte Generation trotzdem. Sowas passiert heutzutage leider jedem Kindergarten und jeder Eisdiele, und ja, es ist wirklich scheisse.

Ach du Scheisse. Ich hasse Werbung ich hasse Werbung ich hasse Werbung ich will keine einzige Werbung sehen, 0, zero, nicht eine einzige.

Vielleicht gibt es ja in Zukunft mehr coop gefuehrte oder wenigstens “ethisch ausgerichtete” Netzbetreiber…

You need to choose a language for each post. Italian might be selected by default. This happened to me as well.

Damn. If you’re into tech and are privacy interested, these two networks are really cool, have nice communities and it’s a rewarding hobby to support them!

backblaze and wasabi have s3 compatible storage I think

Do you like features like Youtube premiere?
I as a user hate it, it's really annoying to find a video that seems interesting or by a creator I like and it's there, but not available yet. I don't really get the benefit, even for the content creator.

s3 is only the api. Every S3 compatible storage should work afaik

I also don’t like a cashless society. But if there were a good implementation of digital currency, like gnu taler, that would pretty much take the way cash works now into the digital realm.

It’s possible, but not likely to be suggested by the big monopolists and surveillance people.

[Question] Add cheap HDD storage (from home) to a small Peertube VPS
cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/427796 > This is the second try (original post: https://feddit.de/post/426890) of me trying to get an answer, this time I'll be more specific of what I am thinking to do. I thought a more generalized question would be enough. Sorry for that. > > A peertube server needs lots of storage. Many of the videos will hardly get any views. Storage space on a vps is pretty expensive, storage space in general isn't cheap. So my thought was to > > have a disk at home (maybe external disk on a raspberry pi) and a VPS. > > The VPS only has a very limited amount of storage, but is otherwise totally able to run peertube well. So why not have a virtual file system on the VPS, which looks like it has the size of the HDD and it uses a specified amount of the vps storage for caching. So if someone watches a popular part of a popular video, the vps can serve the video content from the local disk. If someone wants to watch the video that nobody ever watches, it's not a problem since the uplink from home can easily deliver that as well, without the video taking the precious storage. > Block caching would be best, since file caching wouldn't be ideal with video files being really big in some cases. So a very long video would fill the cache, even if only parts of it are needed. > > The remote storage doesn't need to be from home of course, could be cheap cloud storage. I know that peertube works with s3, but it will only move transcoded videos into a bucket and then serve them directly from there. I don't want that from home, it would also not use the upload performance of the VPS for popular videos. > > Any thoughts? Good idea or not? > > I have worked with bcache in the past and was always very impressed with the performance, I think my scenario could really work.

what killed the crabs?
WHAT KILLED THE CRABS? The official story is something like “a billion snow crabs disappeared.” If that sounds fishy to you, keep reading. Let’s dive into the ecology, oceanography, & geopolitical history of the Bering Sea. A science thread on crabs, corruption, & collapse: 🦀

Why does snikket show what clients my contacts are using?
Isn't that a privacy problem? Generic names for all clients would be much better I think.

Bypass Paywalls mit Firefox
Ein FF Addon welches z.B. bei Zeit.de die paywall entfernt. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es sowas gibt, bin echt beiindruckt.

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/369159 > who could have predicted this

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/343756 > more like even harder exploitation of people who literally need money for rent, food etc.