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yes also at work there are a whole bunch of expectations, bosses don’t like it when you’re idle etc.

I would say just try it out. Not much can go wrong if the distance isn’t super long.

During winter I would always ride really carefully, wear very warm clothing that I can take off in parts, because I’ll get really warm fast. Take a scarf with you or something to cover your face with, if it snows that can be helpful.

that’s going to be interesting. I wonder how facebook users will react. They either are going to riot or maybe all shrug and say well facebook was shit anyways?

What’s winter like where you live? Biking on light snow is totally doable.

as I understand it “Find My” isn’t a mesh network at all. It’s just that the smaller devices report to devices that are connected to the internet. Never more than one hop.

if it’s less pain than work and it is paid the same I like it, otherwise I probably don’t like it.

Why the hell did they name themselves after PGP if they are a mobile network operator

damn they’re so similar to todays scooters

honestly it’s just a survival strategy. Otherwise you’ll be run to the bone at work.

only fashies would say this

just accidentally looked at wolfballs 🤮

It’s a tradition, like washing your hands is required by some religions.

I couldn’t find a specific reason online, so I probably misremember. It’s just the throw away nature of the thing then.

They’re terrible for the grass that they’re used on, it burns the stuff beneath it.


both suck of course, fuck cars. [source](https://twitter.com/brent_bellamy/status/1541231587865419777)

Venture capital’s silent crash: when the tech boom met reality
>Investors of all stripes have crashed the clubby world of VC, drawn by the potential of tech start-ups. But there are signs the party is over

why do you think are touchscreens not standard for laptops?
not even apple uses them. I'd like to sometimes point and click on my linux machine. With my finger. What's wrong with that, it seems to work well on all the smartphones out there.