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Go for it, that’s why Lemmy exists!

Jokes on him I have been doing that the entire time since it’s pretty easy to spot fraud when it’s that obvious.

Ja weil er unterschrieben hatte und dann doch nicht mehr wollte ^^

In Germany most stores have oat milk that’s cheaper than their cheapest dairy! Even though oat milk is taxed at 19% while dairy at 7% I think.

I can imagine a scenario where I would be a citizen of a sort of large commune. That would be without a state.

Thanks, that’s very interesting. Where do you get the $8/kW number from?

That’s cool, but the video is 4 years old already. I wonder what their tech is like today.

Genau wie bei Elon Musk oder Ye West, zu viele Ja-Sager_innen in der Umgebung und ein Riesenego fuehren zu absurden Ergebnissen.

Yes, but a draft obv is shit, so it also is shit to women.

So they’re saying that their industry lives off making generic music? I don’t think that artists are particularly threatened…

Ich auch. Aber die online Events sind auch sehr empfehlenswert.

what killed the crabs?
WHAT KILLED THE CRABS? The official story is something like “a billion snow crabs disappeared.” If that sounds fishy to you, keep reading. Let’s dive into the ecology, oceanography, & geopolitical history of the Bering Sea. A science thread on crabs, corruption, & collapse: 🦀

Why does snikket show what clients my contacts are using?
Isn't that a privacy problem? Generic names for all clients would be much better I think.

Bypass Paywalls mit Firefox
Ein FF Addon welches z.B. bei Zeit.de die paywall entfernt. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es sowas gibt, bin echt beiindruckt.

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