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I am no expert by any means, but rust cant compile to all of the architectures that linux supports, so it can only be used for drivers. I am looking for an explanation myself.

Wow never heard of that one, very interesting and terrifying.

Soon it will be AI vs AI©

My current rotation:

  1. AC Odyssey
  2. Terra Invicta
  3. Stellar Monarch 2
  4. Trigon

All on my linux desktop, no windows.

got born? nah, i glad I learned its all a game of hide and seek and i am just fooling myself

Just started, on the second week of annual leave and relaxin

My status says I will be able to order in Q3 2022. I sure hope that this does push for more linux binary releases. Look at Paradox, they do it for all 3 platforms and dont use Unity.