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If you’re feeling flirty, why not? Some people will like it more, some less.

I guess your other senses become more sensitive when you lose one sense, so that discerning different formations of little bumps with your fingertips becomes more doable

Say “bless you” when someone sneezes. I read somewhere that it’s more appropriate to politely ignore it.

It depends on what is being stolen. It’s a difference if you steal an essential food item or a bottle of perfume.

You might as well ask whether it matters to be in control. To which I would definitely say yes, unless you’re up for surprises.

Don’t have a fav learning technique, but it’s a big advantage if you have connections to older semesters, so they can share advice & notes with you

Yes, but only if they are made readable, also the important parts should stick out

If you’ve already gotten used to a specific layout, you should stick with it. Everything else just messes with your brain to the point that you can type alright with each layout, but not as fast as you used to on ONE keyboard.

"Although a 'longer summer' may be welcome to many cottagers and campers, such weather conditions increase the risk of algal blooms, and especially cyanobacterial blooms, which can have far-reaching ecological consequences and even make drinking water toxic"

Another negative side effect is that the omnipresence of negative news in the media have an effect of mind-numbing/emotional blunting

Graham’s number, a Googolplex is tiny in comparison