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I have known Mlcolo for a few months and when I found out I contacted the admins and asked if they could forgive him, so if someone should be blame it is me. I know what he did was wrong, and it is not something that should be taken lightly.

I met him on Leftypol when I was looking for fellow Marxist comrades from Latin America, he is from Colombia, since then I introduced him to Lemmygrad and I have felt he has grown in his path to radicalization. That being said he comes from a background with Chan culture, plus in Spanish the equivalent to that word he used on the post, “f_____”, is used extremely often in a lot of scenarios (as a reclaimed slur, as a way of saying “dude”, and also as a slur/insult), so I think not understanding the gravity of the situation can be related to a lot of factors. I spoke with him about the issue and he said he was sorry and that he wouldn’t do it again. I think we should forgive some people who come from different backgrounds when they are trying to change they perceive the world, so it is justifiable for me to give a warning instead of a full on prohibiting from interacting with this community which could help him become a better person. Still, if the majority think this is something unforgivable, I think it is fair and the ban should be re-reversed.

I am giving you some context and my personal opinion, excuse me if it is not the best one, and I hope no one here ended up harmed.

What an astonishing book, you will learn a lot. She expanded Marx’s theory of capital accumulation by keeping in mind that women exist, as Marx basically focuses solely on men.

Worth noting this is cyclical, here in Argentina we will be blue next year, unless Europe and US get economically obliterated and that helps out economy

Eh, honestly I think it is a good move, fuck you and your status symbol.

I am not an expert but as long as your source is factual, the size of the sample is representative, you did the math well and you interpretex the graphics correctly, it should be good.

Agree, but at the same time this is the beginning of policies kept implementing during his role after Mao’s death. Basically allowing different classes from the bourgeois in order to profit from their capital and providing a good position in the global market.

This was written in 1948 during the Chinese Civil War, to give some context, so the enemy they were fighting at the moment was the Kuomintang.

Deng Xiaoping's quote from "The Situation Following Our Triumphant Advance to the Central Plains and Our Future Policies and Strategy"
> We should also adopt a correct policy for industry and commerce. We have learned some lessons in this regard. Often you may think you are winning over the many, but in reality you are losing them. When capitalists do business, they naturally want to make money by exploiting others. If a firm goes bankrupt or we confiscate it, it will have a much more adverse effect on the lives of the people than the exploitation of the capitalist does. So in doing things we would first consider by whose side we stand and how we can better serve the masses. Prohibiting capitalist exploitation sounds like a revolutionary idea, but if we make some calculations, we shall find that it is not a revolutionary idea, but an idea that will lead our revolution to failure. Operating in the Central Plains, the hundreds of thousands of our men there need food and clothing. If we neglect industry and commerce, we shall not be able to move forward at all. We have to organize our own economy to meet the needs of war. [...] Therefore, we should take advantage of existing private industrial and commercial enterprises and organize our economy step by step. This merits our attention regarding the mass movement; we cannot allow the confiscation or closing down of industrial and commercial enterprises, including those owned by landlords and rich peasants. If the masses have divided up these enterprises, we must help them resume operation as quickly as possible. at the same time, we should form a united front with the businessmen, urging them to accept the paper money we issue. We should grant loans to businessmen and allow them to buy shares. The economy cannot be organized overnight. We should constantly check tax rates and our policy concerning industry and commerce, focusing our attention on war supplies and the people’s means of livelihood. While opposing profiteering and monopoly, we should still allow businessmen to make some money. Without specific policies, practical problems cannot be solved.

I don’t think it will die, or something, but probably there will be a moderate exodus, a big one if we are successful and the libre software activists know to take advantage of this opportunity and propagandize Mastodon.

Came here to comment the same. A lot of left liberals and various kinds of anticapitalists will probably move and Mastodon luckily is the most thriving project in the fediverse.

Deng Xiaoping's quote from The Principles, Tasks and Orientation for Cultural Work in The 129th Division
> The objective world keeps developing from day to day. In order to do a better job, one has to study; in order to learn something, one has to be open-minded. A person who is not open-minded will accomplish nothing. Discussion with others is a good way to pool collective wisdom. Study and discussion can serve to remove the defects in a work, perfecting it and making it produce better results. One can make progress only if one accepts opinions from others.

audio issues with Linux
So I got a new CPU, an AMD, so I bought a new mother and so on and installef latst Zorin OS on my SDD, everything works fine but I hear distorted sound and they layer on top of each other, like, the same sound starts repeating and causing more distortion. I tried doing some stuff with Alsamixer but to no avail, whst to do?

Germans this winter after being NATO's leap dog

Why we say that "there's no ethical consumption under capitalism"
I thought it would be a nice idea to try and explain this phrase, and by extension explain from where profit is extracted, since both seem like easy concepts which can be understood more easily if simple examples are provided. I do not have a degree on Marxism so I may miss something, but I hope I'm doing my best to help you understand them in a more interesting way. ---- This phrase, which you will probably heard being spouted by the left faction within the liberals, either on the internet or in the form it has taken as the national bourgeoisie in your country, or also by anarchists and other forms of idealists, makes sense only if analyzed through the lenses of Marxism. So, then, why do we say ethical production, and by antonomasia, consumption, is impossible within a capitalist society? Are these *cruelty free* products that you are buying worthless? Well, it all comes down to profit. To understand how capital accumulation happens, and how wage theft is carried out, we need to understand from where profit is extracted. I will try to provide an easy example, taken out of all the abstraction and complexities of our society so that it will be easier for comprehension. Let's say you have a carpenter, they are the owner of their hammer and their saw, with these tools they are charged by some small company in their village to build tables, simple, block shaped tables. They need to buy 1$ worth of nails for every table they produce, and they charge 9$ per hour for the production of such table. The final price they will sell this table, to this merchant person who is owner of this small company, is that of 10$. He will then resell the aforementioned table at a value of 15$ at his company. This 5$ that seem to have appeared out of nowhere is what we Marxist call "Surplus Value". Remember this example is astonishingly simplistic, but this is the core reality of what factory workers go through when producing goods, only there are at least a thousand other factors and different levels of exploitation in the process of creating the final product. This is reason behind ethical consumption is impossible, because the core principles upon which production is based in a capitalist society are those of exploitation, there's no conceivable labour where wage theft does not occur. It's not that trying to be vegan, or not hurting animals in the process, or using renewable sources for their materials is pointless. But rather these are all forms that the capitalist superstructure synthesizes into so that it can amass a bigger profit, a grosser capital. These practices should be praised, and are needed, but under a different system, practices such as these will never bring a meaningful change, only Marxist thought and the political and scientific implementation of it in the material world can do so.

The one that was recorded for the 1936 Summer Olympic Games held in Berlin.

publicado de forma cruzada desde: https://lemilat.ml/post/18 > un recordatorio del estado de la distribucion de tierra, solo por si a alguien se le habia olvidado

Latin American Instance
Hello people, I wanted to inform you that together with several Latin American colleagues we applied for the [project](https://join-lemmy.org/news/2022-03-17_-_Free_Lemmy_instance_hosting) that the developers of Lemmy did a few months ago about the free instance for a year and for which we were chosen. If you read the rules to participate in this project, you will see that the instance does not have to take any defined political position and has to be one of general use. We made the decision to form a space where the Latin American community can form ties and exchange ideas in a place that respects their privacy away from the US monopolies. As many of us who are part of the project know, we have anti-capitalist ideologies and support proletarian revolution around the world. In this way we also support and allow the development and fostering of Marxist communities within Lemilat, but it should be remembered that it is not a Marxist Leninist body, so we ask all those who wish to participate to maintain decorum in the face of the multiplicity of individuals who may participate here. Without further ado, welcome! https://lemilat.ml/