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r/Genzedong on reddit
It have been a while, you guys know what happen to r/Genzedong sub on Reddit? Did it ever got deleted? Or did it just stay quarantine?

My history literally sound like a Nazi, no offense to her.
Basically I am studying in America right now. My principle of Democracy teacher talk about how it is okay that the bridge near Crimea exploded because Russia strike Ukraine and Ukraine have more more death. She even talk about how Azov didn't deserve to get torture despite they are Nazis...

Haha, it been a rough year for me. I am glad you still remember me comrade! I thought everyone here forget me already. Anyways, nice to see you again brother!

Wait, what I mean is that the credit is not being control by individual but the government, vanguard party, would that work?

Okay hear me out. Social credit system is actually good.
I might get flame for this but. Social credit system might be a way for us to get rid of money and achieve a classless, money less society. People can work hard and get a good social credit score. With a good social credit score, the benefit will be free housing, free healthcare and free food, water and electricity... etc. If you have a low social credit score, you can always improve by being a better person and contribute.

The Sino-Soviet split didn’t happen, Sino-Vietnamese war won’t happen because of it. Vietnam and China can be close or form the States of the Socialist Asia Republic and then spread influences and then the world can have an USSR and Socialist Asia Republic. Which will liberate the rest of the world from imperialism.

I quit reddit.
I am fucking convince that reddit is 99.99999% Neo-Nazi at this point. I seen post that support the Vietnam war and say that America action is justify. I seen people blurt out racist shit and get away with it. Shit talk about all the other minority accept for white people. I am just done. I think I will save my mental health by not fucking visiting this ass place anymore.

Fucking White worshiping diseases. Have you ever tell your school to take it down? It is your right since you play for that fucking school.

Alright bet! Any tips how to approach Western women? I don’t think Western women like Asian guy though, haha.

Sorry, I hope this doesn’t come off as weird or anything. Have you ever consider to find other girl to date instead? I mean China have a big problem with men more than women, around 34 millions. Unless you have an Asian fetish or something, which I hope not, I won’t judge. Why don’t you date a girl of another race? I am sure there is girls from foreign country live there or something. Also unless you are staying in China forever, and have a permanent resident. Maybe once you get a chance to get out of China, you can date a girls outside. Also foreign girls that aren’t from China but are there; I think they will be pretty pro CCP since they actually take the effort to live there. That just my take, I hope it doesn’t come off as weird or anything. It just that Asian guys been facing with a dating problem for a while already. Since Hollywood propaganda and that kind of stuff…

I agree, racism was taught. You hate someone because they wrong you in someway. If we were taught not to hate, then shit like this would never happen.

There is almost no racism under Communism
Only after the fall of the Soviet Union that we have stupid skinheads and Neonazi. Remember that, Communism help unite and bring together humanity. My father agree that Soviet was one of the greatest time ever. He have to witness it fall as a Vietnamese studying in Russia at that time. That is why I love Communism, we treat each other like brothers and sisters.

Same, except I am from Yuenan(Vietnam, if people don’t know piyin). The hype was way too much and the West is overate. Though I definitely see some problem why they want to move. Yuenan, definitely have it own problem, just like Zhongguo(China), it have the stupid test that High school kids have to take and it shit is stressful af. The education system in really need reform. But overall life was good back then and life was good! Though I am a huge fan if internationalism and nation states. I hope Yuenan and Zhongguo can become one country one day. It would benefit a lot and it would make us strong. Also huge thanks to Zhongguo for helping, during the war against the US. Sometimes the effort was overlook but I really deeply thankful and honor for your guys help. Also thank you for all the beautiful culture, that you guys brought us, we share a lot of cultures. Anyways, I love China, I love Vietnam. I am sorry if you encounter any Nationalist, fuck those guy, those guys are asshole.

I hope there is not a lot of self hating Chinese, because that is so fucking stupid. Even Chinese American have more brain cells than that. Chinese American actually despite living in America, have a positive view about China.

Self-Hating Russian
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f78772f3-89c1-4302-ad11-acf6348d14f7.png) I meet this self hating Russian. He support the West and been really racist. He even said the N word. He said that he hate Russia and want to move to the West. He said that he hate Russian. Needles to say, I am fucking disappointed. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/8b29d2fe-e5fc-4ae2-8fc6-89d7512976ce.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/dce83686-42fe-4465-94fc-c89341a28f61.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/578862b3-c02f-4c3e-a8fc-3ba0af8b5c59.png)

Asking the actual important question here.
Yeah yeah, socialism and communism is good whatever... The true question is... How do I stop being so horny? This is a big problem communism and socialism will have to solve.

Our reddit accounts would get banned but we could still use Lemmygrad.

We can always make new account and conduct more operation. They can’t stop us.

Wait, since we are off reddit
Does this mean, we don't have to follow certain rules and we can conduct massive raid reddit operation? We can literally do that since there is no rule about that. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/cb5b63e1-e0b5-413b-b2c3-86be4e0b9a3c.png)

Okay, I fucking hate lies that were told about socialist country
This is just a rant but, I used to live in one of the socialist country and American made up lies about it which is completely untrue. They downplay a massacre and conduct smear campaign.

Free award for commies? O_O
Anyways, since reddit charge you for award, we should make awards completely free.