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^ a good reason to make who voted visible on the frontend.

Agreed on open source. If you come across a good one please link

I used https://redact.dev/ which handled most of my social media & messaging apps. I helped them troubleshoot ancient skype messages, and they got it working.

The next ghoul in line for promotion has a tough job of pretending to be sad.

Libertarians. They’re the ones funding conservatives.

We’re strongest in public. How does one build a mass-movement in private?

It’s telling that liberals are acting like it’s a bad thing to be state-affiliated media.

Ask about their dream catcher, you’ll get a story about a distant native american relative they’ve never met.

Then I’d say dating apps. Get some pics of you participating in one of your more interesting hobbies, even if you have to beg or pay someone to take the photos.

As in an exclusively online relationship, or finding a real-life date online?

As a cyclist, if anything can convince someone to keep their SUV in the garage for a day I’ll take it as progress.

As a consumer, I completely agree with you. I can load my touring bike with 130lbs of gear, I do my family’s grocery shopping on it, I haul everything in reason. Trailer sounds nice but I haven’t needed one.

There’s no safe way to bike to O’Hare airport. 6 lane highways, no sidewalks, nowhere to lock up.

Even in 2018 when people assumed professor = smart, this guy was regurgitating bottom-of-the-barrel Objectivism. Not because he read Ayn Rand, but an even dumber “objectivist” that basically paraphrased her, wild factual errors and all in the book Explaining Postmodernism. If you’re wondering why JP began his public career with ramblings about “neomarxism” and “postmodernism” - there you have it.

Think how dim you have to be, as a 50+ year old man, to uncritically read a summary from an ideologue and then act like you’re an expert on source material you’ve never touched. Before the fame, the drugs, the carnivore diet, his brain was already mush.

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I don’t buy it. She has two bachelor degrees, both in fields common for young folks interested in politics. If she were a spook they’d have at least sent her to grad school. Instead they had her spend 5 years post-college working at restaurants and non-profits, and then knocking doors for a little known senator from Vermont in 2016?

I also find it a stretch that the CIA wants anyone with a loudspeaker normalizing socialism, undoing years of their hard work.

The real problem is that there isn’t any leftist org or union powerful enough to hold their endorsed politicians accountable. Even if we run a self-taught bartender with a heart of gold for president, once elected they’re no longer ours.

While Secretary General, Ismay is also credited as having been the first person to say that the purpose of NATO was “to keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down,”[2] a saying that has since become a common way to describe the dynamics of NATO.[3][4]


That idiom notwithstanding, I agree it’s odd that NATO still exists after Yeltsin was “elected.”

I believe it’s a backlash to the leap in online leftist discourse over the last 6 years. On top of the AstroTurfing and censorship, of course.

As for being “too online”: If you’re organizing a workplace online that’s great, otherwise you should be organizing it offline.

One of the safest manual labor jobs in existence, even when you factor in all of their driving and covid deaths.

I don’t believe any sex worker unions support the German model. The workers I’ve listened to are asking for the New Zealand solution, which is decriminalization.

They never have an answer for this.

There is no abolition in a society dictated by profit

The coal miner never digs coal in their personal lives just for fulfillment or fun, sex is absolutely a human interaction and any commodification of that special human connection is fucking disgusting.

You can make this same critique against any service industry work that involves intimate, personal human interaction: hair care, therapy, life coaching, etc. Some people need more trust and connection to another person for these services than they do for sex.

I think you’re underestimating the number of people who prefer this form of work to others.

Someone selling services as an individual isn’t a capitalist.

I’m still not sure. I think the accusation is that he once had an online relationship with a 16 or 17 year old girl.

I was banned from hexbear for asking what the accusations against Virgil Texas were, shortly after he left the chapo trap house podcast (this was before it was all over twitter, I was genuinely curious.) No other issues or warnings prior to that.

Also that entire fork from lemmy seemed counterproductive.

I think billionaires have extreme influence over me regardless of what type of money I use.

I’m happy with Thunderbird as-is!

I have a few folders per account (keep, notices, receipts), organized easily with quickFilters. (“notices” I have to set to delete after 30 days, and it includes OTP’s / marketing / politics / newsletters /semi-interesting crap). Inbox is at zero almost automatically.

To see everything all at once, I use two “search folders”: “Personal” and “Business”. It updates as mail comes in.

In just about every way I find it superior to gmail’s front end. If they want to change how it looks that’s fine, but if quickFilters or search folders break or functionality changes I’ll fund a fork.