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I don’t think it’s stupidity, if you are able to frame California as commeifornia and Canada as commuda or whatever, then you can go even more reactionary and rightwards. At least at the upper echelons that know what they are doing.

The fundamental objection of these people to the system is that when the imperialist US (and notice how I didn’t put that in quotations) robs the global south, it doesn’t distribute that wealth more towards them. It’s always material interests in the end.

Thanks, the GZD quarantine made a bunch of us join lemmygrad around this timeframe and it worked out great.

“Please only do the acceptable amount of racism. I don’t want people to think I am an asshole. I am, but I don’t want anyone thinking that”

When liberals talk about human rights, a clarifying question is who do they consider human?

Definitely don’t look up Fallujah birth defects. I am being incredibly serious here. Just let your imagination run because it will be far less horrific than the reality.

He says the quiet parts out loud…

I.e. when he held up the school project board of pictures of fighter jets and tanks they sell Saudi Arabia to do war crimes in Yemen. Put the same pictures in a McKinsey PowerPoint deck with some polite change of languaging Ctrl H “offensive” with “defensive” and “dead children” with “minimum collateral damage” and you have liberalism.

Or they know it works and they don’t want their political opponents to try it. They never ask their extremist allies in Syria or Ukraine to practice non-violence. Only Palestinians, vietnamese people, etc… It’s almost like they know a secret and they don’t want you to know they know.

Capitalist thinking when it comes to their defense buddies: throw money at it

Capitalist thinking when it comes to solving homelessness: let them freeze

He weaponized the global south into disliking their anglo masters. Now Africa is asking France to GTFO. That’s new, it’s not what they always wanted. /S

Whoever moves there just wants to get exploited. If that’s what you are into who am I to stop anyone.

Seriously, that’s the minor good that came out of this totally avoidable conflict. Avoidable by NATO and their puppets btw.

Because it’s a garden keeping out the weeds/ jungle or whatever that reincarnation of Goebbels said. The EU is just a line which means, outside of these lines is where we do the exploitation…which is ironic because the US is now exploiting them.

South Korea nearly received more western aid than ALL of Africa is why it’s successful. One was a site of resource extraction and the other a site of resource dumping. Why do liberals act like experts when they don’t understand simple shit like this. They truly believe South Korean manufacturers would be as successful not exploiting the cheap resources and labor of others.

“ally” is pretty gracious. Puppet is more appropriate.

Mental gymnastics will soon be an Olympic sport so America can increase its gold medal count.

I feel bad for them, imagine considering someone racially inferior and they start to succeed and surpass you.

Sike, no I don’t. I hope they feel terrible and it eats away at them and they can’t sleep at night.

Because to paraphrase Michael Parenti, “capitalists don’t want a lot of things, THEY WANT EVERYTHING”. There were still a few state assets the US/ Europe backed oligarchs and expats weren’t able to grab for pennies on the dollar after Soviet collapse and it keeps them up at night.

Both follow logically as the US can’t survive in its current state without imperialism

The entire premise of common law is whataboutism, which is surprising that liberals dislike the concept so much.

A lot of capitalists, the ones that are honest, i.e. Jeffrey Sachs get this stuff right too. Sure, a tankie perspective helps but I think a lot of people that get it wrong confuse (a)wanting something to be true such as America is benevolent and cares about human rights and never does anything wrong and (b) something being true such as American economy is built on misery and next to free resource extraction.

There is no more time for arguing with Zionists or appealing to their liberal-fascist associates."

This. 100%. In 50 years, we don’t need some fascist liberal settlers trying to impress someone talking about how the tel aviv sport team’s name is insensitive. We need Palestinian liberation.

Why does he say “we”. I can bet 5 bucks his class has employer provided or “free” healthcare.

Oh I was not aware of that. Weren’t they saying himars is performing beyond their wildest dreams on the battlefield.

They literally had to exit Afghanistan, Isntrael (American colony) got its ass whopped in 2006 in Lebanon. Their Saudi proxies and them are getting nowhere in Yemen. It’s so crazy. They are good at killing and confused it with being good at fighting. They aren’t the same.

Manifest destiny middle east edition. They say if the Palestinians were peaceful Isntrael would leave them alone but that’s not true, they would continue expanding into Lebanon Syria etc. That’s what European settlers do unless stopped.

I hope the west does give them fighter jets just so they lose them all. Better they are lost in Ukraine than loitering in the air in Yemen.

Those pictures are compositions made by multiple passes so you could use fewer passes for DPRK. I know they debunked it on the most recent season of blowback podcast but I can’t find it it anywhere on the net because the first hundred results are western propaganda about Kim jong UN feeding people to dogs and stuff

Edit: It’s the first ep…but I also found: this from 10:37 on they talk about varied methodology that produces those images.

Yeah you are right, they essentially turned that into a gossip column instead of investigating further because why would they. That would have unraveled a lot of structural issues.

I can't recommend this book enough. It's not just sterile economics language, it also makes you feel some small fraction of the misery of what capitalist economics mean for the downtrodden (emphasis on the small fraction).

I hope Iran wins tomorrow, just to see the copium that would ensue. Every global sporting event I see this story about some sports team, sometimes it's Iran, sometimes it is North Korea, etc... The other story I have seen is that the Iran team doesn't actually like the "regime". One of the biggest and most annoying liberal tropes is that the people of country x, believe what they do. Yeah, the people of Iran want Exxon to have their oil for free.