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Outlook (Firefox) on desktop. Outlook app for iPhone. Proton (Firefox) on desktop.

That is, incredibly, helpful. Thanks so much!

What are the most used platforms on the Fediverse?
Are there reliable statistics that show this? I'm trying to get an idea rolling for a mobile app that could handle the most used platforms on the Fediverse. For example, let's assume that Mastodon, Lemmy and Peertube turned out to be the most used platforms on the Fediverse. Would people be interested in a mobile app that could properly integrate all of these?


Why can’t the Internet be fun!?!

I remember when it was like fucking Disneyland every fucking day!

BTW, I’m one of the admins at https://beehaw.org

I want the Internet to be fun again for fuck’s sake!

Is there an app that includes most of the popular corners of the ‘Fediverse’?
I'm assuming, out of all the Activity-Pub connected 'Fediverse', there are a handful of instances that get the most activity. That being assumed, is there an app (mobile and otherwise) that, functionally, includes most of these instances? For example, is there an app that can seamlessly handle Mastodon, Lemmy, Friendica, Hubzilla, Peertube, etc?

I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life. That would be a waste of time and effort. I am, simply, providing suggestions.

Based on what I’m reading here I would suggest seeing either a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It’s quite possible that you could discover a way to deal with your problems without using prescription drugs.

I’m not sure where the general distrust is coming from in the medical field. My wife is a registered nurse and she cares about people. I studied health at the university level because I care about people. So many people dedicate their entire lives in order to help others and, yet some will turn to unfounded and ridiculous claims from snake oil con men and the general ignorant public?

Speaking with a doctor (or several in order to get several opinions) is the safest route. Please, do NOT take the advice of the users in this thread about health/wellness. My wife is a registered nurse and I have studied health at a university.

You mentioned:

…burnout and bad thoughts.

This is an indicator that there is an underlying problem going on here that would be better addressed by professional counselors and/or doctors.

Many people have dedicated their entire lives in order to help people like you. Please, reach out to them.

Fediverse and ActivityPub. What are all the platforms that interconnect with each other?
My understanding is that Mastodon, Pleroma and Lemmy can connect with each other using ActivityPub. Are there other platforms that share this same interconnection?

Godot is great for game development AFAIK. However, my son wants to use the software for more than just gaming. It’s something that we’d consider and thank you for responding.

EDIT: My son just told me that he would use said software primarily for gaming. So, you may have just given us the solution with the Godot recommendation. Thanks again!

Questions regarding Unity, Windows and gaming
My two sons will be getting a Windows gaming PC for their upcoming Christmas gift. However, one of my sons has expressed their desire to use [Unity](https://unity.com/). I've been looking at this [MSI Cubi](https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16883152977) for their gaming desires. However, when I looked at the [free/personal download specs for Unity](https://unity.com/download), I noticed that Windows 11 is not supported. Maybe I'm going about all of this the wrong way? I just want a Windows machine that would handle most of the popular games out there that would support the use of Unity. Please, help us solve this problem.

Any server security suggestions for a noob?
I, recently, started running a Lemmy [instance](https://beehaw.org/). I am, also, new to Linux servers. At the advisement of some tech acquaintances, I've installed [UnnattendedUpgrades](https://wiki.debian.org/UnattendedUpgrades) and [Fail2ban](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fail2ban). What would you recommend?