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"First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can’t agree with your methods of direct action;” who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait until a “more convenient season.” - Martin Luther King, Jr

That’s not about warmth, capybaras just smell really nice. That’s why other animals are always snuggling them, and baby animals fall asleep on their faces

The mariel port is more a diplomatic effort to encourage the US to lift the blockade, Mariel is a tiny suburb of Havana. Santiago de Cuba will be the new major port in Cuba even larger than Havana, because of it’s position on the southeast of the island with access to the Caribbean sea, and being Cuba’s 2nd largest city already. Mariel is more of an ambitious futuristic “development zone” where all sorts of international businesses will be given special status and things like tax exemption to operate there, however it requires alot of stuff to happen first, mostly involving the US embargoes. So not even 1% has been built yet. So China just finished a major $100 million renovation of the santiago port, while Cuba is planning a $20+ billion possible future development in mariel that would be 500 sqkm big and would also include a new major port upgrade

Not really, they mean Amin was supported somewhat by the UK for opposing Obote who led the independence movement against the UK. They hoped he would be more right wing, and open to european banks and corporations controlling the economy. So there were alot of accusations that the UK was behind the entire coup to reverse the Ugandan independence movement and make them a colony again. However these accusation were largely unfounded.

Uganda had problems with their neighbors in the DRC, Sudan, Tanzania, and Kenya, so there’s alot of confusion and proxy wars going here, but an easier way to look at it is Kenya was pro western, Tanzania was pro-china, since Kenya supported Amin, and Tanzania supported Obote, Amin appeared to be pro-western, he was also trained by the British army under colonialism, so alot of rumors were being spread that he was a British spy.

However he very quickly severed diplomatic relations with the UK and nationalized all the british owned business anyway, which was like the whole reason James Bond was there in the first place. The soviets then allied them sent them billions of dollars, and Ugandan army officers all began training throughout the soviet union. A major conflict was that Amin invaded Tanzania, however this was because Obote supporters were hiding out there, and staged an attempted coup, Amin accused Tanzania of state supporting them and declared war, however Tanzania insisted it wasn’t involved and quickly begged for peace. Then came what gave Amin his fame today the Entebbe airport kidnapping, which is also where Benjamin Netanyahu became famous

I never really understood why people brag about their jobs like this, “haha I make $400k a year and work like 3 hours a month I’m an (insert vague sounding tech job here) just learn2code bro”. ummm okay even if that’s true why would you tell anyone? how about I call your company and promise to do your job for $350k? I wonder what the next one will be? “just learn to process asteroid lithium bro”

Its a problematic question, because authoritarianism here is just being used as a dogwhistle for socialism, so the question becomes “how is china less socialist than US?”. You’re not arguing that socialism is good here, you’re agreeing it’s bad and countering them by saying America is even more socialist, a specious argument at best

“It is difficult for me to imagine what “personal liberty” is enjoyed by an unemployed person, who goes about hungry, and cannot find employment.

Real liberty can exist only where exploitation has been abolished, where there is no oppression of some by others, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where a man is not haunted by the fear of being tomorrow deprived of work, of home and of bread. Only in such a society is real, and not paper, personal and every other liberty possible.”

― Joseph Stalin

it’s a form of white supremacist propaganda, mostly used by the KKK, they basically just find all the weird videos of people of a certain race doing bad things, literally anything, fighting, being weird, hurting animals, committing crime of any kind, as you can see from the comments its designed to just give everyone the excuse to make racist comments. Long term exposure dehumanizes the race, while also angering white people as they emphasize any video where a white person is a victim. The more innocent looking the white person the better, then you are no longer fighting these zombie monsters and free to murder them without a second thought, but are defending all the innocent white people from these monsters. Many white supremacists found it difficult to fight in Afghanistan because their propaganda showed brown skinned Arabs, while most afghans are closer to white with blonde hair and colored eyes.

Tomorrow you will be boarding ships…

(Mañana sera el embarque de barcos…)

…which will take you to Guantanamo Bay.

(…que la lleva a viajar Guantanimo.)

There you will spend the rest of your lives.

(Donde pasar el resto de sus vidas.)


yeah but it takes volunteer maintenance so if nobody fixes it just breaks, could just be taken down by a spambot

its like a way to see a website without being tracked so some people use it to view its where its banned or some use it to just get rid of popup ads

I’ve never even had a twiitter account, they said 99% of people, I thought they meant somewhere in Iran or something

Nitter is just a hacker portal to twitter that’s kind of obsolete now, I don’t think people will be using it anymore, it just kind of broke and nobody’s fixing it… https://twitter.com/DongshengNews/status/1596879304797093888

sorry couldn’t find a non paywalled source but this is the book and I’m pretty sure the right page


The entire article is about the growing nickel industry in Indonesia but reading it you would think Indonesia is a small rural city in China. A better headline should be “China bad, electric cars bad, everywhere outside Europe should be jungle”. Indonesia has the largest unexploited nickel reserves, and Russia is one of the top 5 producers of nickel. So I guess now we will be treated to all sorts of propaganda about how Indonesia’s nickel industry is evil because China gave them a loan or something. And we’ll all just pretend that there is no other nickel industry anywhere else, especially in countries like the USA who just awarded millions in loans for nickel processing plants in the US to encourage “domestic battery production” but I have a feeling there will be no lengthy 10 page rambling articles on environmental hazards and labor laws there or photos of the slums of north dakota, interjected with random stereotypes about how Americans hate the planet and anything the color green

I’m still confused as to how China has 5000 covid deaths and the US has over 1 million yet somehow this means China is committing genocide against (checks notes) the taliban

“Unfortunately, we have had to give up Katyn. The Bolsheviks undoubtedly will soon ‘find’ that we shot 12,000 Polish officers. That episode is one that is going to cause us quite a little trouble in the future. The Soviets are undoubtedly going to make it their business to discover as many mass-graves as possible and then blame it on us” - Joseph Goebbels, private diary

I think one of the more confusing parts here, is that it was actually the British spreading these lies, FDR didn’t believe it and joked about it with Stalin, and Stalin used Churchill’s belief that it happened to argue privately with FDR that Churchill and the British were nazi sympathizers and as soon as the war was over they would turn traitor and become even worse than the fascists and nazis.

its the result of the recent media blackout on Ukraine, I have a feeling something really big is about to happen there… something about a bridge

Like the whole thing just seems like a waste, it’s just a horrible idea to begin with, you should really try something else

people really underestimate how much white supremacists obsess over the roman empre, like its their favorite thing ever, like the idea of rome being united and all white, and some kind of christian (but not the brown kind) and idk just murdering all human life on earth outside of rome, at its historical height, and just kind of living in rome forever and ever, just gets their little white dicks so rock fucking hard. All throughout history too, this isn’t some new internet youtube phenomena, basically since rome collapsed its all white people talk about, every kingdom, every war, all the white religions and they just never shutup about it. In fact the concept of racism itself could be traced back to this fantasy of rome just existing at its height and killing everyone else on earth outside of rome for some strange reason

but I killed 14 people and overthrew a small island government for this job that’s not fair

I think its easy to build high speed rail in countries where people are literally sitting on the roof of the train and they have to hire cops to shove people in, so the doors will close. However in countries like the US where train usage is already at record lows it’s difficult to justify a 300 mph train, if there’s only 4 riders a day on a line it’s not going to magically increase by making the train superfast. So where we will see the most support for high speed rail is actually where you see the most air traffic not road or rail traffic. LA to San Francisco is one of the most heavily trafficked air routes in the world, and since it’s all contained in one state its not surprising to see California take the lead. Hopefully one day, they’ll be able to expand up to Juneau and Tijuana. However the next major high speed line will likely be between Washington DC and NYC which is actually the most heavily trafficked air route in the US. However that train will go through 5 states not including the territorial government of DC.

That’s going to require alot of cooperation, even from states that will see little to no benefit and might not even have their own stop, like Delaware. So Texas, Florida, maybe even Illinois might develop their own intrastate systems, before we see a DC to NYC line because of that. So these long distance high speed rail lines should be promoted as an alternative to air travel in the US, not highways, or the current train system. There is however a great need for high speed subways, and more subways in general all over the US. There is also alot more wiggle room in the per mile cost, NYC just spent $5 billion building less than 2 miles of new subway, while the California rail project will be over $100 billion it will be stretching over 500 miles. So the cost per mile building a subway will be astronomically higher already. So the added costs of highspeed rail will seem insignificant.

So I predict Atlanta will actually become the new US mecca for high speed rail because it currently has a subway but its very small so it wouldn’t cost much to upgrade, and its one the largest international airport hubs in the world, so any long distance high speed rail project would need to rely on Atlanta as a major terminal. The city is growing, as is the whole region. It can also expand virtually 360 degrees to DC, Chicago, Texas, Florida, etc whichever is easier later on. There’s also no major intrastate traffic demand problems like we’re seeing in California. Portland and San Diego aren’t even being discussed, much less Tijuana or Juneau. However If Georgia were to build a major long distance high speed rail line it will definitely be to an out of state city, as they have no other major metropolitan area in the state.

What do you mean Venice was the most powerful country in Europe, it’s so tiny?

I’ve never heard of that they largely had positive relations, westerners did largely exaggerate Libya and Chinese alliance, and made lots of claims about china selling them weapons even nuclear missiles, but China couldve vetoed the bombing at the UN but didn’t. However there was largely positive relations, they were a major trading partner of Libya. Libya is only a country of 6 million people though, it wouldn’t even be the in top ten cities of China. So they were friendly with qaddafi but pretty much immediately recognized the new government and started helping them with reconstruction and diplomatic efforts

It’s not really a strike, the factory in Zhengzhou is a huge 200k person live-in factory with dormitories. Because of Covid you have to be quarantined for 4 days before you can begin working, so you’re forced to live on site and you can’t leave or you’ll have to go through quarantine again. Rumors apparently were spread that covid positive people were being housed with non-covid people and it caused a massive riot/walkout of some kind. The plant is currently suffering a massive hiring shortage and only last week claimed it was short 100k workers and offered a series of raises and bonuses. So it’s more of a covid lockdown protest than a labor strike.

It’s important to remember that this a US company, operating through a Taiwanese subcontractor, and the Chinese government is not involved and often encourages these strikes. Labor disputes and strikes are very common in China, over a million every year. Foxxconn entered American red scare propaganda around 2010, over a series of suicides, mostly with wild claims that the Chinese government produced everyone’s Iphones through slave labor and used it to track everyone, much like you hear about tiktok, and huawei and many other chinese companies. Once Americans found out Foxconn is Taiwanese (their loyal honorary aryan vassal state) it fell out of the right wing news cycle. There were several suicides at the plant, about 9 people in one year but thats out of a total of 1 million foxxconn factory workers. Factories like the one in Zhengzhuo are really small cities of over 200k people, with far lower suicide rates than all 50 US states

Got that nine millimeter, got that ten millimeter. Got that little deuce deuce and they all for sale.

You say you want a revolution. Well, you know… we all want to change the world.

I love ASMR use it all the time. My favorite is fairychar. I really like the unintnetional stuff John butler and kelsang nyema are great for religous stuff. I don’t like alot of the physical tapping and scratching ones I’m much more into voices, I prefer womens voices but only deep female voices, like an elderly librarian or nun, anything high pitched or whispery annoys me. Alot of it is unfortunately taken over by pretty women who do vaguely sexual kinds of performance, and then there is a full on pornographic version too. But on youtube you have to sift through “hot girl ASMR” channels alot of them who have no idea what theyre doing have no real recording equipment and are just pretty and some of them borderline pedo as its alot of underage age girls in their bedrooms whispering sexually into their webcam mics. Still today if you search ASMR right now in youtube its nothing but big boobs, the whole first page. So its terrible just letting youtube autoplay because you’ll be listening to Raoul Dahl recounting tales of his beloved writers nook and all of a sudden you’re listening to blowjob noises its very jarring and disturbing.

now repost the same video but label it japan or south korea or another honorary aryan nation

ugh yet another banned reddit alt like my 20th since the ukraine war started
so sick of the ban wave..... literally can't even talk to someone on reddit without them also being banned, had my last alt for like a week and maybe 10 people got permanently suspended literally while I was talking to them, mostly very polite interesting people. one was a super long very calm somewhat humorous debate about WW2 history and just as we start to agree, poof he's banned. I want to give reddit credit and assume it was for something on another sub, but im guessing they just mistook one of his comments about the war as a "call for violence" or some bullshit and banned him. I hate most social media these days, since ukraine. I never really liked reddit but I kinda got into it because of chapo , then I found you guys when they got banned but then you got banned too so wtf... there's not even a new replacement sub, why bother they'd just be banned right? I hate facebook, twitter, imgur, i don't take photos of my lunch so ive never even been on snapchat or instagram. I miss revleft (if anyones old enough to remember them?) I'm just done with reddit any social media you guys can recommend where I dont have to stick to 144 words, or just post photos?