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Could be a great complement to osm. I’m excited to see how it develops.

Agree with other comments. I used to recommend Ubuntu otherwise (though I don’t use it personally) but refrain now. Would just as soon recommend Debian or Linux Mint now.

The arrogance of installing the snap of Firefox even when you try to do it via cli irks me to no end.

How anyone respects this market manipulating turd is beyond me.

I just feel like matrix will be easier than xmpp for hosts once dendrite is finished. Xmpp has so many extensions and everything else to manage, at least to me. Setting up xmpp was a bit more convoluted than matrix.

Last I checked gab, gettr, parler, etc all existed. Maybe they suck and don’t get traction because no one wants to be on them. Why not start your own PayPal service and accept everyone?

No, I’d really rather not the government tell me I have to support someone on my service if I didn’t want. Has fuck all to do with personal safety like fire exits.

Like someone else said, I wouldn’t want to be forced to allow neonazis on my service so…

If you’re so concerned, open your own payment platform and open source it or run it with no restrictions. No one is stopping you. Or tell them to accept checks through the mail, etc. Why is anyone entitled to a private company’s platform? There are still other ways to be paid. Why must this one company support everyone?

Freedom of speech only concerns the government not silencing you- not private companies kicking you off their private platform. It’s no different than someone saying you can’t put signs up in their front yard.

Now I don’t know the specifics of why these two outlets had their funds frozen but they should definitely look into alternative methods of payment.

Maybe it’s regrettable but it has zero to do with freedom of speech.