Can read and understand a bit of Japanese and Russian.

I like cute things and insects. Ants pass the mirror test btw, so maybe don’t kill them.

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Some RT Journalist (Anton Krasovsky) made some insane statements saying “brainwashed ukrainian children should be drowned and burned” or killed in some other ways. (source, it’s the first one I found with english subs. sorry if it’s shit.)

The guy legit sounds like a psycho. Why do they put such comically evil and unstable people on TVs and let them broadcast “public opinion”? Good job giving Western media more propaganda fuel RT!

He’s been suspended and some response has been made but the damage is already done. Don’t care that he “apologized”. One of CPRF deputies compared him to Hitler lol.

There’s plenty of grounds for legal action but I think everyone knows what someone like him really deserves. His remarks are being investigated by authorities.

Given his background (he’s openly gay) tho I feel like this case could’ve been an attempt at a psyop. (Talking about how it may have been related to recent anti-LGBT lawsuits. See this telegram post for explanation. Not saying I agree with it, it’s just sus. Why am I always forced to bring up this topic lmao)

Oh, thanks for replying and input.

What led you to being some interested in these fields?

Mostly boredom. I’ve (lazily) tried chaos magic before, read a few popular Grimoires, practiced some breathing techniques from Internal Alchemy, did divination w/ I Ching, but I treat all of these efforts as a whimsical joke or a form of entertainment.

Psychic research on the other hand just bothers me. I don’t understand why it’s funded, and just looking at papers does nothing because they’re untrustworthy, so the only way to know if it’s fake or not is to do it myself. For now I’m just (lazily) doing RNG tests and collecting more info. At worst it’s a funny distraction.

I have only dabbled around tulpamancy, what is your experience with it?

I made a few tulpas after learning the concept years ago. It’s mostly made my internal dialogue (?) a bit more interesting, and lets me keep track of bad habits. (like swearing, bad posture, etc) I guess servitors are a similar concept.

My tulpa can also give “me” orders, which is just an alternative way to motivate oneself - think of the difference between wanting to do something, and having a friend ask you to do something. I’ve not bothered to learn techniques like imposition or possession. (they sound fake)

A part of me would want to understand how tulpamancy relates to the idea of bicameral mentality, but both topics are sorta vague and border on insanity.

What is reverse imposition from tulpamancy?

My info says it’s a part of a technique for switching control w/ a tulpa, it’s said to “take away senses” from the real world. The name contrasts it w/ imposition, which projects fake sensations onto the real world. Read this guide, idk. It sounds very fake, and I’ll probably never bother trying it. (tbf, tulpamancy in general sounds like nonsense - and the MLP crowd makes it worse)

trials you are conducting would work much better if the “RNG” was a living being, particularly someone you have a very deep emotional/spiritual/etc

Oh, I agree, and these sorts of tests are done all the time. IIRC tests on twin telepathy were conducted by the Society for Psychical Research ages ago, and it is said to yield greater results than with strangers, somehow. It’s worth saying that humans are very bad at producing random sequences, so it could be a factor.

What I’m looking for is specifically psychokinesis tho, and for this reason an RNG that I can’t understand or manipulate is most important. If what I’m looking at in my data is specifically some “paranormal” influence, and not a stroke of chance or hardware/software error, it could be called “probability manipulation”.

Would love to hear more!!!

I’m not exactly knowledgeable, you probably know far more about the occult than me lol.

To be completely frank, I mostly want to weaponize psychokinesis as a means of self-defense, if it’s exists. It’s a very childish idea, and if it was feasible, intelligence agencies would’ve done that by now.

Right now, I’m mostly interested in macro-PK and poltergeist phenomena, because these could serve as much more concrete evidence for existence of paranormal phenomena than statistical abnormalities. One of explanations for poltergeists is dubbed Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis, which is the reason I’m interested in them at all.

A few months ago I tried moving a compass needle with PK for the first time in ages, and while the effort was futile, it coincided with a power outage in my block. These don’t occur often here, so it’s a strange coincidence lol.

There’s a video of Nina Kulagina, and the bit where she marks plastic caps is very strange. The researcher doing narration says these marks display a change of structure and can’t be wiped with water or alcohol. The bit where she destroys acetate yarn is also…strange. (these segments are at 15 and 19 minutes respectively)

The motions she’s doing are quite interesting. My own approach may be a dead end, as I only try to mimic the way I use PK in my dreams - meaning I try to focus on an object from a far distance, unlike Ninel, who puts her hands close to the object, or even touches it at times.

In the last test, she produced an effective force of 2.5 kg onto a measuring device, which should be way more than enough to levitate small objects, which she doesn’t showcase, and probably can’t sustain. Meanwhile, physical mediums like D.D. Home have been described as being capable of levitating things quite easily, with no toll to their health. I think it’s all fake still, but I’ve read of a notion that said the lack of belief in paranormal phenomena by humanity at large may have…increased the cost of PK.

very valuable to us as an entire species and culture

Thanks for words of encouragement but all I’m really doing is flipping (digital) coins. It’s been done before, and my data is near-useless. A better method for searching for anomalies in random data would be looking at how well players do in Gacha games, and what sets some apart from the rest. Maybe people who always get SSRs or waifus they want are all potential psychics lol. They’d make better test subjects than me.

I meditate with my eyes open I can turn the entire world into, like, washed out high contrast static…

Your experience seems very vivid, I only saw similar things when having a lucid dream.

What are PK trials? Are you trying to telekinetically affect random number generators, is that what you’re saying?

Yes, but not just. My trials are split into Interference-type and Prediction-type tests. The first one tests for PK, second one - ESP.

The intent in Prediction-type tests is just to “guess” the number you’re going to get, w/o trying to affect the generator. I’d prefer to further split it to test specifically for Clairvoyance/RV and specifically for Precognition (temporal RV?), but my ideas are lacking.

Description of tests in spoiler

In both types of tests, I use RNG to generate integers - either 0 or 1 (a coin toss), or some range of numbers. I then log results and what I wanted/predicted, or the difference between the two, along w/ some comments. I also use coins and cards sometimes, but it slows the process down a lot.

This is very primitive and I’d prefer to write a program that continuously generates and outputs values of numbers on a time graph, so I could just look at spikes for anomalies, but I can’t code and I have no clue whether frequency at which numbers are generated may affect results, so I’m doing things manually for now.

So far, the results suggest I can do micro-PK for a short time, but can’t do ESP, lmao. Which is strange, because I view ESP as a prerequisite for PK. (still can’t draw conclusions tho)

My current measures are mostly unproductive, since I don’t sense anything strange or unusual when attempting PK or ESP. It’s a bit like hammering a nail or playing Touhou blindfolded.

I should find some ways to induce complete sensory deprivation to see if my normal senses are blotting out anything, and my current leads are the Ganzfeld effect and…reverse imposition from tulpamancy. (bruh…)

It’s worth noting that I don’t actually believe in ESP and PK. I’m only trying to replicate sketchy studies and observations, because I can’t trust them. (…And if one assumes psychic interactions to be real, my lack of faith in these things is also affecting results, as some theories suggest…)

Thanks for bringing up this topic.

For the sake of forming a complete opinion on this topic you should probably examine studies looking at physiological effects of meditation. From what I can tell it could be an additional tool used to combat neurodegenerative disease.

Meditation practitioners report unusual trance states, gaining a better understanding of which could lead to advancements in hypnosis techniques and produce better results in psychotherapy. (This is pure speculation, but these seem to be related)

For me, meditation is just an activity that elicits a bodily response.

I do Taoist and Zen-inspired meditation irregularly, mostly focused on erasing all thought. During and after sessions I usually feel like I can concentrate much better, and find it easier to form complex sentences. Plus it reduces eye strain from screens. Effects are short-lasting though.

Somehow found a semi-reliable way to induce strong (vomit-inducing) nausea by focusing on a certain part of my awareness when meditating. My health is decent, so it’s interesting that meditation can trigger such a response lol.

It may also sound deranged, but I do PK trials with random number generators as a part of my dabbling into parapsychology, and the results seem get skewed more if I meditate before rolling my numbers. 💀 (as of yet, the data I collected is limited tho)

I just watched it. Chose the Russian dub, since it’s a rare novelty.

It’s so insanely bad LMAOOOO

I feel sooo sorry for the studio who worked hard on this. At first I thought it’s just surreal, but it’s mostly a result of incompetence.

  1. The script was written by an insane person, or someone who has no idea what they’re doing. There’s no tension, the way little tension is broken is just comical (random invisible air raids??? really???), the plot is so shit oh my god. Things just…happen, with little explanation. Locations just…change, in ways that make no sense. (…how does Nadia go to Kremlin w/o being detained? Did she literally walk all the way to the capital??? How???)
  • The plot is contrived and insane. The premise is dumb. Development is dumb. The sequence of actions is stupid, there’s no foreshadowing, no conflict… I can’t describe how much of an insult to storytelling it is. Live action sequences inserted everywhere break all immersion too. And people “interviewed” aren’t even real historians or veterans as far as I’ve heard, lmao.
  1. Characters have absolutely zero personality. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen by far. They just “do things plot script needs them to do”. The only interaction between characters I can remember is between Nadia and Lenya, and it’s just a fucking trope. Voice acting makes this even worse.

  2. Voice acting pff ahahahah. The scene where Nadia read/mumbled a newspaper made me legit laugh in some hysteric fit! What a fucking insult to voice acting! And the empty soulless script just makes it worse! Only the main villain, monk and Lenya and mooks sound almost-alive.

I can’t really judge the movie’s ideological purity, since it’s (un)intentionally surreal, but it could be worse. In my opinion the worst insult to the past is the decision to write this shit plot instead of adopting some actual veteran’s war journey into an anime.

The only thing I can praise are the visuals and animation. (action is sorta clunky tbf…) Pre-war bright visuals of USSR are legit the only reason to watch this garbage. 2/10.

Tragedy. In Izhevsk, 13 people died including 7 children. Some sources say the shooter was wearing a sweatshirt with a Swastika. They killed themselves.

In Irkutsk only the head of the voenkomat seems to be injured.

It’s a web novel and as far as I can tell the author is just some nobody, but 800k views is 800k views.

The sad thing is that the novel isn’t even openly anti-soviet or pro-imperial. It’s essentially just patriotic. Anticommunism seem to be covert. The book is written mostly from a perspective of a 102 old dude, so having weird takes, homophobia and sexism there…actually makes it more authentic? I’m just guessing these are ideas the author also subscribes to.

Maybe I’m insane and what I’m complaining about isn’t even there, but authors’ ideological wiring seems to be a tangled mess.

Which is a waste, because the idea is relatively creative, world building is mostly fine, author knows some history and did research in some relevant areas (he sparsely uses terminology used in parapsychology), even if writing is sorta clunky. Most “authentic” Japanese isekai are much more lazy in comparison.

P.S. As I wrote this I remembered this shit take where author calls Marxism a religion. So damn typical ffs.

I read a first part of a weird Russian sorta-Isekai novel about a 102 year old WW2 veteran being sent to fight WW2 again in an alternative timeline where magic/ESP is real. (MC stays old, but gets healthier)

It was a bit entertaining, but I don’t rly like the writing style or homophobic jokes, and weird takes like “I won’t deny it - the Perestroika was necessary [since the USSR was corrupt]” coming from characters who saw the collapse of the USSR sorta seal the deal for me. I also can’t trust the author with putting words into historical figures’ mouths via unreal counterparts. The work just reeks of monarchist apologia and dumb patriotism so much. Women are also portrayed in a sort of disgusting way IMO.

There’s also this SUS line where author gives a definition to what “untermensch” means in the footnotes, and proceeds to say “yup, remember it - people like this really exist”. Who the author thinks falls under that category is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think it only includes the Nazis.

I think the way the MC got Isekai’d is glorious, despite being nonsensical and unrealistic, so kudos to author.

elements from worldbuilding and writing tricks used by author that seemed interesting
  • Necromancy is real in this fictional timeline, and it needs life energy to be used. The Nazis use concentration camps to extract lots of it.
  • The split in the timeline was recent, and was caused by Grimm brothers of all people
  • Some events like opening of Pharaoh’s tombs had real consequences
  • There’s a suggestion that mythical/historical figures were just psychics, but the writing used to make this happen is sorta contrived as it relies on a unique character that just happens to meet the MC
  • …The Nazis have mages, Imperial Russia had…christian wizards, and USSR has…“Force users”. It’s a star wars reference w/ an included joke. All of these describe the same thing, an ability which has been written to be genetic. (author uses it to write off USSR’s leadership as “being unlawful sons of nobility and peasant women too” or something, dunno if that’s their real intent)
  • Mind-manipulating psychics make writing much easier and more compact for the author, and it introduces a dynamic where peoples’ trust can be certain and same information can be transferred between characters w/o talking. This causes people in the fictional timeline to learn about what happened in our timeline, lol.
  • The people in command seem to all be powerful psychics. That includes Stalin lol. Sadly there’s no real action in the first part, and the 2nd part seems to mostly feature MC.

(I read it a few weeks ago and it’s about all of the interesting/relevant bits I remember rn. Novel name is “Позывной Хоттабыч”, it’s just a random find but it has some views.)

Most of this person’s activity has been on that sub for at least 7 years. They’re not baiting, they’re just obsessed lol. There’s also plenty of people who share their viewpoint.

I think what motivates them is bitterness, and that they’re likely being disingenuous, but what they’re trying to say is probably similar to what Zyuganov says in the speech below from 2021 that I dug up.

Zyuganov's strange lines w/ translation

Note: Zyuganov uses weird expressions that are rarely used in modern speech so it’s a bit weird.

Headline: “Politicians determined the place of feminism in Russian politics” Text below headline: “Zyuganov said that womens’ parties go against nature”.

On May 30, the Russian-speaking Internet celebrates “international day of feminism” - an unofficial, if not fake, holiday dedicated to the day of the death of Joan of Arc. Gazeta.Ru talked to Russian senators and deputies about whether feminism is needed in politics and why there is not a single women’s or pro-feminist party in Russia today.

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov:

The most ingenious inventions of nature are a woman, flowers and a bee. The woman gave us all life, she bore all of us under her heart [means “gave birth” or “nurtured”, idk], so bow and show gratitude to her. Due to this, among all peoples everywhere, the mother is especially revered. Flowers germinate, produce seeds, and new plants sprout. And the bee is the main ecologist of the planet. Therefore, a woman should be treated first of all with love and respect. [ It’s not a mistranslation, just nonsense w/ hard to make connections ]

As for feminism, in my opinion this is a hobby that does nothing good for women. A woman today is forced to raise her children at home, often alone. Why? Because today a man [says “muzhik”] cannot feed his family. We have never had such a disgrace. I have a paternal grandfather, he had eight children, six of them were teachers, he bore everyone [it says so lol], fed everyone, raised everyone. Of course, the Soviet authorities helped, and, in general, it was easier for women. My mother has taught elementary school all her life.

As for the kindergarten, basically, women’s hands are nursing our children, making them full-fledged citizens, there are also a lot of female teachers in the school, and entire industries are in the hands of women. [means education system is dependent on women]

I don’t know what feminists do, other than talk a lot, but as for real power, if there were more women in power, there would be more order, more conscience, more care for children and the elderly.

Therefore, I am in favor of supporting women as much as possible, including by nominating them for deputy positions, for work. But at the same time, we must remember that nature created a woman in order to continue the human race and to decorate and ennoble our lives. Women should be loved, honored, bowed down and respected.

Women’s parties are complete nonsense. The main purpose of the party is to propose an idea, assemble a strong team, come to power and realize what they promise people. Is a women’s party truly capable of deciding/achieving something alone? Of course not, that is unnatural and abnormal. We have a lot of women in our party - intelligent, literate, they work superbly, many guys take their example and look up to them. The party is an idea. I am against men’s parties, women’s parties, pensioners’ parties, beer lovers’ parties and so on."


Article features interviews of various Russian politicians from different parties.

Basically every deputy and statesman interviewed (except 2 women) says “women are cool and we need them in politics, but feminism and women’s parties are a no-no/unnecessary”. Co-Chairman of “A Just Russia” said: “All parties in Russia have women/represent women. Feminism is evil”. Pushkov says “since 60-70s women’s liberation movements have turned into anti-men movements”. As expected, there’s lots of concerns over traditional family roles being degraded and “women will stop having children!!11”, etc.

This reality is really like a circus sometimes.

Ended up on a rather unpleasant sub on accident, dunno where to post it lol. Not really fit to discuss these issues, but *somehow* I hear similar takes from leftists in my country from time to time, bruh. ::: spoiler full post screenshot + link ![]( - post link - image link if it doesn't load ::: ::: spoiler very "sane and lucid" roe v wade take ![]( - image link ::: ![]( btw the person who posted these seems to be a genshin fan

In June, some news were circulated about his kidney disease getting worse, most articles sourcing Mash newspaper’s telegram channel. Real diagnosis was not disclosed, and it’s likely it won’t be.

Verbatim, most recent articles describe the disease as “strong/heavy and continuous/long-lasting”.

I agree, but he deserved far worse.

A death on a comfy hospital bed and at an old age is not retribution.

Official Russian media is expressing condolences and some are even singing him praise. It’s painful to see.

(To name a few ones from TASS, one brings up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s thoughts of all people, and another - UN General Secretary’s opinion where they say Gorby “did more than anyone to change the course for history and achieve a peaceful resolution of the Cold War, w/o bloodshed”. Infuriating.)

It may sound very jaded, but I envy people who can find joy in what happened. I’m mostly disappointed. His death undid nothing, and his legacy remains.

I’ve stumbled across transphobic and racist memes while searching for info, so maybe it’s a small glimpse into that legacy too. (…spoiler below explains what I’m complaining about)

Putin already expressed his “deep condolences”. (my source is a federal news agency)

TASS screenshot inside spoiler.

toxic memes I found, w/ shoddy translation

"It seems Netflix is making a series about Gorbachev. This is, perhaps, the only instance when I wouldn’t be against Gorbachev being [played by] a negro-pederast [note - it’s literally what it says]. Maybe even a transgender…mentally disabed… "

(This meme is based on a tweet, the amount of likes it got is sad.)

“Title: Well then, now we wait for the film adaptation of his biography by Netflix?”

“[Says Gorby died today]. Now is the time for world’s cinema to commit to accurate and detailed recreation of Gorby’s visage on film:”

(Sorry for robotic translations, I can’t seem to find good words rn…)

These are (somewhat lazily) drawn in Inkscape from scratch.

Downloading existing icons and adjusting colors to match the site’s theme produces much better results. (tho idk how licenses work)

Anyone can do it and it’s stupidly easy tbf, so maybe people should just be encouraged to add icons to communities they moderate, if that’s what other users want too.

(And at the same time, making every icon have the same color scheme is very restrictive and strange - it would not work for every community, and it should not work this way. Somehow these icons make me think of McDonalds more than communism lol.)

Adjusted icon example

Promoting their use is illegal where I live, so I’m obligated to disagree; and any leftist promoting their use would risk being thrown in jail and lose face over something most people have already been conditioned to detest.

I think outside Western countries, promoting their use may be of more harm than benefit.

Some communities on Lemmygrad don’t seem to have icons. It’s not something too horrible, but it irks me a little. (I have poor vision so icons actually help)

So I’ve made a few in jest. I don’t have any experience making icons or anything of the sort, so their readability is low. I can improve them/make more, but it would be good if someone actually competent made them instead.

Some test icons inside spoiler. Most are WIP/bad. "News" one is an abomination. If any in this small batch look usable, can upload .svgs

Could you please ban their Beehaw account as well? It was tempbanned for 10 days before, and the ban expired a few days ago. - this one

P.S. Thanks!

Don’t give them attention. They’ve made an account on another instance with the same username, so they just want to play a victim. A normal troll would just use a random username.

I use 4% brine. (about 2 tsp per ~300ml water)

I would use the amount derived from equation below, but measuring is a pain. I also feel like some salt I buy is saltier, as if some manufacturers add weird filler, so I usually taste the solution.

salt mass = (water mass + produce mass) * 0.025

Sus pics from Sopuli inside of spoiler

What’s happening right now is a damn travesty, and CriticalResist being tempbanned is an awful signal.

I’ve seen some people (libs, with no doubt) say that content on lemmy is too political, but then people from Beehaw or Sopuli appear and say “join our instance bro, we’re totally not political bro”.

Can’t they just help by posting non-political content on Why promote a new instance??? Most relevant communities already exist, even if there’s a lack of users?? (These are rhetorical questions, their real intent is obvious.)

I sense that there’s going to be some push to create a community w/ varied content (which will probably fail due to lack of users), w/ intent of saying “look at the commies, all they have is an echochamber with boring toxic posts! let’s get these extremists defederated from too!”

This instance has momentum, we could probably respond in kind.

This is just my opinion, and, as usual I’m clueless and probably wrong.

P.S. Pls remove this post if it may seem like I’m saying something sus.

P.P.S. Beehaw has issued a post explaining what they’re trying to accomplish, and it’s insanely verbose (my posts pale in comparison). I find some parts of their post sensible (regarding the matter of debates, or homophobia etc), and like them in principle, but IMO as a whole it’s insanely naive, and I sense it’s just an anglo effort that is too preoccupied with a vague and convenient idea of “niceness”. Recent behavior of their users is what I find strange. Plus, a nazi sympathizer is an active member of that instance, and they’re probably considered “nice”, since they’re not banned.

Usually it’s said that a tannin source (grape leaves, bay leaves, tea leaves, etc) makes fermented cucumbers crispier, assuming it would do the same to zucchini. Temperatures too high can also make them soggy.

I fermented some zucchini/marrow, and it tastes quite nice. They’re almost as tasty as pickled cucumbers, which sounds like heresy. This batch is super soggy though, should’ve added bay leafs.

Frankly speaking, I’m skeptical of these threads, and I can’t understand them properly. So I just ignore them.

I don’t know much. Extremely basic knowledge about brain’s structure and function of some of its regions. I’ve skimmed a book on brain function once and read a short paper on progress on brain-machine interfaces for vision restoration once, but that’s it. (DOI:10.1007/s13311-018-0660-1)

Other than that, I have some basic awareness of the huge amount of cognitive biases. IMO studying some of them should be mandatory in school. Also stuff about memory is good to know.

I also guess that when you’re drawing a picture, you’re technically tricking the viewer (including yourself) that what you’re seeing is not actually a piece of paper with marks on it via techniques that rely on special characteristics of our perception in order to work.

Split-brain people (ppl w/ severed corpus callosum) are a very interesting subject too.

I’m a native speaker. Shut the fuck up, nazi sympathizer, and don’t call me a comrade.

P.S. Feel free to write more meaningless text walls that no one will read.

Yeah, he was supposedly “protecting fishermen”, and you’re more or less right here. I meant that it’s an amazing feat because he wasn’t mauled to death, which seems like a much more likely outcome.

I can see what you’re saying, and agree w/ last paragraph, but it’s hardly a fight if one of the sides is just trying to remove itself from a minor annoyance.

It’s impossible to kill or severely injure a bear unarmed, regardless of how “strong” or “manly” a person is. That sort of mentality gets people killed; bear safety tips are taught for a reason.

There has been a story in 2021 about a boxer fighting a bear in Siberia - he killed it with a knife and sustained major injuries. That’s an amazing feat but it’s more or less a miracle he even survived.

lol no, if they did it I’d block them so doing that would be a waste of time. iirc they started posting cringe again for everyone to see and thankfully it gets removed. Their last comment w/ “what if the reds killed your 5 year old daughter tho???” nonsense was really stupid.

I just want them to reconsider what they’re doing with their time and stop voluntarily, if possible. also, big thanks to moderators.

I would maybe participate, but Discord’s asking for…phone numbers now (really???), and does not seem to work w/o verification. If it’s not too bothersome, could you please make a Matrix room instead?

(I’m bad at drawing, making comics/manga that’s readable is beyond my ability tbf)

The Allies were unwilling to put down some German Nazis from their High Command, IG Farben directors, judges, etc; there’s no damn way they’d execute one of their own generals, even if he was an absolute lunatic. (Look up Subsequent Nuremberg trials if you want to make your day worse)

Didn’t Churchill have similarly insane plans in regards to USSR and China? (Operaiton Unthinkable + some info is circulated about “nuking one out of 20-30 cities” prior to USSR developing its own nuclear weapons, idk)

…This is not staged? These people are not joking? Wtf.

There have been polls where some responders say they’d kill a bear/elephant/lion unarmed, so I usually assume people are messing around for fun. I really hope it’s the same here too.

To the MI6 agent that keeps trying to avoid bans and cause a commotion here - please try to follow advice you sent me, lmao. How long did it take you to write up the last wall of text?

Comrade Ursus (sorry for awful edit, I couldn’t help it)

You’re the one who suggested they died for a useless cause, disrespecting their sacrifice.

Have you ever read their war diaries? These people stood and fought for their convictions, don’t reduce their bravery to what you’ve come to interpret as fear of death.

Oh, right, you can’t read their war diaries because you’re a fucking anglo.

Keep believing bullshit about “half of the country was in prison, half was guarding them”, “human waves”, “those who retreated got shot!!111”. Utterly infantile. You’ve not read anything, you don’t know the language, you don’t respect history and expect to be taken seriously.

I don’t care about you or the debate, I only care about you disrespecting the legacy of the past, which is a miserable sight. Go die in a hole. Reported and blocked.

P.S. That was an impressive trolling effort! They actually knew the language! I was sent some message in Russian, but responding is a waste of time lol.

Yeah, mate, go on vilifying me while openly promoting violation of human rights. When millions of your own people tortured, worked to death, and sent to frontlines to die in a useless cause, don’t forget to blame it on me, random stranger on the internet expressing his concerns.

Soviet people faced the Nazi Germany in a war of annihilation, where the existence of millions upon millions of people was at stake, due to Nazis wanting to use that space as Lebensraum, and the people as cattle. Please don’t denigrate millions of martyrs.

I’m not going to respond to you if you’re unwilling to go through the effort of freeing yourself from neoliberal propaganda spread by entities which would have been extremely overjoyed if Nazi won WW2 instead. Read a fucking book, and at least learn to troll in a less blatant manner

Heard of trains, haven’t you? Also why waste space leaving trains empty on the way back from delivering raw materials, let’s put all the political opposition there.

Yes, I’m talking precisely about train transportation being expensive, dummy. Believe it or not, the trip to Siberia eats up a lot of fuel and also takes a long time, during which people need to be fed, and looked at by doctors so they’re not dead before arriving to work in camps.

(P.S. if you’re unaware, you can’t put people in random freight wagons. Russians had special railway wagons for transporting prisoners since before Revolution, and you can’t just put prisoners in one place w/ each other…)

You glow very bright mate, like an angler fish in abyssal depths.

No gulags, remember.

Why? No country that wants to secure its existence would allow dangerous political opponents, saboteurs, spies and criminals to roam free. A MI6 agent would know that, right? Are you going to complain about the Red Army existing next?

Gulag is a Tsarist invention, and mortality in its camps in the USSR was low except for WW2 years - go look at French Labour Camps before crying about evil bolsheviks. People in gulag camps were paid salaries, had doctors and a certain snitch writer (Solzhenitsyn) was even cured of cancer there.

For your reference, gulag stands for “main management of (work correction) camps”. There is no plural “gulags”. And believe it or not, not everyone was sent to SIberia. Transporting people there is expensive.

And since you hate forced labor soooo much, I take it that you’re not a big fan of the slave trade either, in which the brits happily engaged?

Let me state here that I’ve seen real life communism with my own eyes. A loved one of mine died because a Soviet style medical committee didn’t want to contradict their alumni, so I couldn’t get an investigation started. etc etc

Please piss off. Most impoverished people in my country rely on remnants of Soviet healthcare to survive, because they wouldn’t be able to afford overpriced privatized healthcare. A babushka can’t get shots or a surgery at a private clinic, believe it or not.

And why are you not crying the inefficiency of the capitalist system, which puts profits above lives of diabetics, for example? lMao.

You’ve at most seen socialism. When communism will be built, people will be educated and your level of ignorance will not exist en masse.

My main problem with far left as a opposition to capitalism is general lack of concrete ways to achieve claimed moral goals.

If revolutionary masses had no ways of achieving their goals, you wouldn’t be seething about their supposed excesses on the internet.

P.S. If your goal is to write nonsense and get people to waste their time responding to it, you’ve succeeded - congratulations.

Very cursed, thanks for sharing. I hope whoever made this spontaneously combusts some time in the future.

P.S. The comic is like 5 years old by now, and artist has a TVTropes page dedicated to them for some reason.

It’s made its way to some Russian news websites, and it doesn’t seem like they understand that it’s pure cringe. They’re mostly taking it at face value - most praising it, one article voiced concerns of “foreigners bringing their culture to Russia” via supposed user comment.

I would be quick to dismiss them as losers, but these people produce original content of higher quality than r/GenUSA. (Higher quality in terms of execution - they’re better at editing images)

It may grow bigger, but who rly cares, it’s just libs seething and coping on the internet.

P.S. Thanks for sharing.

Cancellation of the article and consequences

Part 1 of Article 121 was excluded from the Criminal Code of the RSFSR on May 27, 1993.

Sodomy, as such, ceased to be a crime in Russia; but it was preserved as a sign of composition [TN: ???] in Articles 132, 133, 134 of the new Criminal Code of the Russian Federation adopted in 1996.

These articles establish liability for violent acts of a sexual nature (Article 132), compulsion to act of a sexual nature (Article 133) and sexual intercourse and other acts of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen (Article 134).

According to the decision of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of June 15, 2004, explaining to the courts the specifics of the application of Articles 131 and 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, sodomy refers to sexual contacts between men[10].

It should be noted that the sanction for the above crimes is identical to the sanction for similar crimes involving ordinary heterosexual sexual intercourse, so we cannot talk about any discrimination here. The differences are of a formal nature: the legislator considered it fundamental to separate the concepts of “sexual intercourse” - sexual intercourse between a man and a woman (one of the possible consequences of which is the conception of a child), and “other acts of a sexual nature.”

The victims of Article 121 were not officially recognized as victims of political repression, which is sought by a number of human rights organizations. The Russian Network of LGBT Organizations declared 2009 the Year of Remembrance for Gay and Lesbian Victims of Political Repression.

Famous people convicted under Article 121 or 154a

[TN: rember salt grains]

Yezhov, Nikolai Ivanovich - People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR.

Klein, Lev Samuilovich - Soviet and Russian scientist, historian, anthropologist, archaeologist, philologist, doctor of historical sciences

Kozin, Vadim Alekseevich - Russian pop singer (lyric tenor), composer, poet, author of several hundred songs.

Korogodsky, Zinovy ​​Yakovlevich - theater director, professor, People’s Artist of the RSFSR.

Panchenko, Nikolai Dmitrievich - public figure, one of the founders of the “Society of HIV-infected and AIDS patients”.

Sergei Parajanov (1924-1990) - film director. There were rumors about Parajanov’s orientation long before the start of the process, the official reason for which was the accusation of rape and coercion to homosexual acts of young actors. A number of sources consider Parajanov’s case “political”.

Trifonov, Gennady Nikolaevich - writer, poet, author of the novel “Grid”. [TN: Novel title may be “Net”]

Shtarkman, Naum Lvovich - Russian pianist and music teacher, professor at the Moscow Conservatory (1987), Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1990), People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1996).

Lvov-Anokhin, Boris Alexandrovich - Soviet and Russian theater director, theater critic, ballet critic, People’s Artist of Russia.

Translation of an article on USSR’s anti-LGBT legislation (Article 121/154a of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR)
**Take everything below with a grain of salt.** This article does not provide a full picture; regardless of potential bias, the Russian Wikipedia article is much more detailed, but translating it would take longer. (presently, formatting it into a post seems like an impossibility) Article was machine-translated (to save time), some mistakes were corrected, and some remained as they were in the original text. Footnotes were not translated, hyperlinks in main text body are lost. ##### Criminal prosecution of sodomy in the RSFSR Criminal liability for sodomy was introduced into the criminal legislation of the RSFSR (Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1926) on March 7, 1934 and was in effect until June 3, 1993. The most famous was the 121st article of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1960, which established the following: **Article 121. Sodomy** >Sexual intercourse between a man and a man (sodomy), shall be punishable by **deprivation of liberty for a term of up to five years**. >Sodomy committed with the use of physical violence, threats, or against a minor, or using the dependent position of the victim, shall be punishable by **deprivation of liberty for a term of up to eight years**. Prior to that, criminal liability for sodomy was established by Art. 154a of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR of 1926: **Article 154-a.** > Sexual intercourse of a man with a man (sodomy) - imprisonment for a term of three to five years. >Sodomy committed with the use of violence or with the use of the dependent position of the victim - imprisonment for a term of three to eight years #### History ##### Acceptance of article In the first versions of the criminal legislation of the RSFSR, there was no responsibility for homosexuality. As the latest archival research shows, the OGPU was the initiator of the introduction of criminal prosecution for sodomy. In September 1933, the first raid on persons suspected of sodomy was carried out, as a result of which 130 people were arrested, suspected of homosexual relationships. In a memorandum from the deputy chairman of the OGPU, Genrikh Yagoda, Stalin was informed about the discovery of several groups in Moscow and Leningrad, which were engaged in “creating a network of salons, hearths, dens, groups and other organized formations of pederasts with the further transformation of these associations into direct spy cells ... an asset of pederasts, using caste isolation of pederastic circles for directly counter-revolutionary purposes, politically corrupted various social strata of the youth, in particular working youth, and also tried to penetrate into the army and navy ". On the document, Joseph Stalin noted: “It is necessary to punish the bastards in an approximate way, and to introduce an appropriate guiding decree into the legislation.” On December 3, 1933, Yagoda wrote to the Kremlin: >“In the recent liquidation of associations of pederasts in Moscow and Leningrad, the OGPU established: > 1. The existence of salons and dens where orgies were held. > 2. Pederasts were engaged in recruiting and corrupting perfectly healthy youth, Red Army, Red Navy and individual university students. We do not have a law according to which it would be possible to prosecute pederasts in criminal procedure. I would consider it necessary to issue an appropriate law on criminal liability for pederasty." The Politburo almost unanimously approved this proposal. Only Kalinin spoke out with a special opinion, speaking out **"against the issuance of the law, but in favor of extrajudicial condemnation by the OGPU."** Nevertheless, the law was issued, but the cases of homosexuals began to be considered by the OGPU secretly and "out of court" as political crimes. At the same time, a socio-political campaign against homosexuality was launched in the Soviet press. So, Maxim Gorky, on the front pages of the newspapers Pravda and Izvestiya on May 23, 1934, in the article “Proletarian Humanism" calls homosexuality “socially criminal and punishable” and says that **“there is already a sarcastic saying: "Destroy homosexuality - and fascism will disappear!".** In January 1936, the People's Commissar for Justice, Nikolai Krylenko, declared that **"homosexuality is a product of the moral decay of the exploiting classes who do not know what to do."** The report of the People's Commissar substantiated the expediency of criminal prosecution for sodomy, using the rhetorical devices of heterosexism: “In our environment, good sir, you have no place. In our midst, the milieu of working people who stand on the point of view of normal [lit. "healthy"] relations between the sexes, who build their society on sound principles, we do not need this kind of gentlemen." Later, lawyers and doctors in the USSR talked about homosexuality as a manifestation of the "moral decay of the bourgeoisie." On December 17, 1933, the Decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee was published, which became law on March 7, 1934 (Article 154a of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, in the later numbering - Article 121), in accordance with which criminal liability was introduced for voluntary sexual intercourse between a man with a man. Soon this norm was included in the criminal codes of all Soviet republics. ##### Application practice In a number of trials and "purges" of the Soviet apparatus in 1934-1935, accusations of espionage and counter-revolutionary conspiracy were closely intertwined with accusations of homosexuality, and it is very difficult to distinguish primary accusations from secondary. For example, the case of D.T. Florinsky, head of the protocol department of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs (summer 1934), allowed the OGPU to “cleanse” the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs both from hidden homosexuals and simply from objectionable diplomats appointed under G.V. Chicherin. People's Commissar of Internal Affairs N. I. Yezhov was executed in April 1940, sodomy was far from the main point of the indictment in his case, but at the same time one of the few that he recognized. According to Canadian historian Dan Healy, in the 1970s, people whose behavior and views were objectionable to the authorities in some cases were considered convenient and advantageous to be convicted under article 121 of the anti-homosexual criminal code, which began to be used as a “package” to combat political dissent. [TN: sounds sus, idk.] ##### Number of convicts The total number of those convicted under this article is not exactly known. In the 1930s-1980s, about 1,000 men were convicted and sent to prisons and camps every year. In the late 1980s, their number began to decrease. According to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, in 1989, 538 people were sentenced under Article 121 in Russia, in 1990 - 497, in 1991 - 462, in the first half of 1992 - 227 people. According to Dan Healy, the current maximum estimates for the number of convicts under this article are as high as 250,000. [TN: sus?] Referring to data from members of the anti-homophobia movement in Russia, he cites the number 60,000 as more realistic, based on convictions by year (approximately 1,000 people per year, data from GARF and TsMAM). However, he also agrees with the opinion of Neil McKenna, who claims that it is hardly possible to find out the exact figure due to the lack of access to the necessary archives. Valery Chalidze (journal "The Advocate", December 3, 1991) and Sergei Shcherbakov (Collected Proceedings of the European Sexual Cultures Conference, Sexual Cultures in Europe, Amsterdam, 1992) point to the same figures. [TN: GARF is the State Archive of the Russian Federation, TsMAM is Central Municipal Archive of Moscow] ##### Movement to repeal the article During the reign of Leonid Brezhnev, a number of figures in science and medicine began to openly advocate the abolition of Article 121. So, in the textbook of criminal law by Mikhail Shargorodsky and Pavel Osipov (1973) it was said: > “In the Soviet legal literature, no attempt was ever made to bring a solid scientific basis under criminal liability for voluntary sodomy, but the only argument that is usually given (moral depravity of the subject and his violation of the rules of socialist morality) cannot be recognized as well-founded, since negative personality traits cannot serve as a basis for criminal liability, and the immorality of an act is not sufficient to declare it criminal. … There are serious doubts about the advisability of retaining criminal liability for unskilled sodomy.” [TN: not typo in article. it says lit. "unqualified sodomy" across many sources] In 1979, a specialist in the field of sexual crimes, Professor Alexei Ignatov, sent a note to the leadership of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which he also substantiated the need to cancel Article 121. At a meeting of sexologists from the socialist countries in Leipzig in 1981, the well-known sexologist from the GDR, Siegfried Schnabl, raised the issue of anti-homosexual legislation and its inadmissibility (**at that time, only 2 countries of the socialist camp had such articles in the Criminal Code - in the republics of the USSR and Romania**). In 1982, the well-known Soviet sexologist Igor Kon unsuccessfully tried to publish an article on this topic in the journal "Soviet State and Law". **[Ran out of space, check reply for continuation]** - source

Most trans subreddits seem to be rly against DIY (for good reasons), and I think since most people there are Westerners they have a different perception of what is expensive and what is not. I also don’t have a reddit account, and maybe I did not expect an answer. (question is mostly rhetorical)

Thanks for responding regardless. :)

Post is not intended to criticize or endorse the party, but to display bigotry of this particular member. While people who are scared of gays as if they're some toxic living bioweapon coming after *them* and their children are usually despicable, keep in mind it was written by a person in their 70s. (I really really don't want to defend them) Translation: [Content in square brackets is my comments/potential mistranslations] I.I. Nikitchuk: "Against nature..." "If man thinks he's Napoleon - he's put in a psych ward, but if he declares he's a woman his rights are vehemently defended!" - M. Zhvanetskiy 2015-10-31 00:41 It is no one's secret that propaganda of homosexuality as...a normal healthy lifestyle presents a major danger in modern Russian society. Legalization of homosexual lifestyle in Western countries leads to glorification [praise?] of sexual minorities' behavior by means of mass information, and, as a consequence - transformation of social consciousness. [society's consciousness?] Additionally, in the Russian Federation the gay-lobby tries to spread its presence everywhere. It reigns supreme [no it fucking doesn't] not only in show-biz and related spheres, but politics. Such growth in influence of gay-community in recent times is explainable and natural [logical?]. In era of dissolution of major structures and systems (among which the USSR can be placed) various deviant and abominable [it says "odious"] personalities emerge onto the foreground, including from ranks of sexual minorities In psychiatry two forms of homosexuality are distinguished: open (with active manifestation of same-sex attraction, [sexual?] relationships with persons of same sex) and latent form. The first form is the one dangerous for society. In its essence, homosexuality is a gigantic threat to every normal person, which can endanger their children and grandchildren, thus ending his genus. And since in biological sense non-replication is the same as death in the end, then **homosexuality is a deadly threat for the entirety of mankind**. Translation end. Rest of article is filled with dread over decline of population, child abuse (cites Israeli doctor), "ruminations" on Ancient Greece; mentions USSR law against gays (**article 154a in RSFSR criminal code**, in later revisions - 121; punishment - 8 years prison tops, claims it was authorized by Stalin after report by Yagoda, idk); claims anti-gay law was cancelled in Ukrainian SSR on 12.12.1991. Later article makes shit up on reduction of age of consent in western countries, resorting to scare people w/ pedophilia. End of article goes as follows: "In light of above mentioned factors, we suggest to fill the existing blind spot in Russian law with legislation designed by us - "About changes in RF Codex of administrative crimes" (in part of establishing responsibility for public expression of nontraditional sexual relations), with which it is suggested to add new administrative responsibility for new violation in sphere of social ethics [morality?], associated with encroachment upon traditional social rules: **public expression of nontraditional homosexual relations, consisting of public public demonstrations of their own warped sexual preferences in social spaces.** Adoption of the bill will be directed towards strengthening public morals and health of our citizens." I believe it was a recording of a speech, given to pass a shit law. It took me like half an hour to translate this drivel, bruh. Not worth the effort. article link:

CIA seems to engage in some sort of clownery. Unless they're completely lying, it looks like serious measures were taken to train...psychic spies. Bruh. I'm assuming such efforts were made to fool the enemy into wasting resources and personnel on worthless research, but looking into this matter is somewhat funny nonetheless. CIA has unclassified a lot of documents - various "studies", manuals, etc. I think they're completely untrustworthy. Priority was given to remote viewing, on which there are multiple manuals. (i tried it and it doesn't seem to work /s) ![]( In this document, we're expected to believe that Chinese conducted experiments with an esper who can phase things through each other, burn things, etc??? ![]( ![]( Here's an excerpt from Ingo Swann's "Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP". I thought it was a bit funny. In USSR, parapsychology research seems to get dubbed bioenergetics, bionformation, psychotronics, etc (depending on phenomena researched). The most I bothered to find is a Russian wikipedia article on psychotronic weapons, which claimed it was bullshit. I probably won't look into this matter further, seems like a waste of time. The movie that was made in 2009 on a book inspired by Project Stargate (Men who Stare at Goats) is almost worth watching btw. It's written bad, but it's somewhat entertaining. EDIT: Here's a r*ddit post w/ links to some of these unclassified studies.

Puchkov invites guests to his channel, and depending on guests video may be either good or extremely shyte. This video is the latter. Text below is summary, paraphrased and shortened. Video is from 2021 Israel-Palestine crisis. Timestamps are approximate. 00:40 Person interviewed is IDF press major, rejoined IDF recently, here to "show wide audience IDF viewpoint, show facts." 1:40 IDF: "Israel populace very scared, 9 days in fear of airstrikes! Rockets reach Jerusalem now," 2:40 - 4:20 [ Talks about progress Hamas made in missile technology ] 5:20 DP: "who Hamas?" IDF: "anti-israel Terrorist." 6:00-8:30 [ Talks about Hamas tunnel networks, how they're not dug with bare hands ] 9:00 [ DP expounds that since Hamas has equipment, weapons and personnel means they get money for it somewhere. ] **DP: "Where does Hamas get money?"** - **IDF: "Regretfully, you'll have to ask Hamas."** [ This is dodging the question. Later they'll boast about how good their Intelligence services are. ] 9:30: IDF: "Hamas uses civilian buildings to launch missiles, stockpile ammo, hide fighters, etc...they have always used human shield tactics, **strongly endangering Gaza population**" (B R U H ) 11:00 - 13:00 [ talks about damage from falling missiles intercepted by Iron dome, how destructive they are ] 13:30 DP: "How effective is Iron Dome?" - IDF: "...about 90% effective; doesn't intercept all missiles - it's smart, can calculate where missiles fall" ... [talks about how many missiles were intercepted daily (270)] - "in past, Israel got over 1000 air warnings per day!" 15:00 [ **talks about how alarm sirens scare Israelis and children** ] 15:10: IDF: "Israeli civilians are great. Very **resilient**, their understanding of situation is just beautiful." 15:40 [ talks about poor Israelis, how some people and children need psychological help ] 16:00 - 17:40 [discussion about strategy used by Hamas] 17:40 IDF: **"...Human life is valuable/expensive"** - [before talking about how "brave" Israelis mostly fight via airstrikes and artillery shelling ] 18:30 - 20:30 [ talks about Hamas remote controlled submarine, drones, improved training ] 21:00 DP: "If Hamas use human shield, how IDF hits them in residential areas?" IDF: "careful precision air strike. Before strike, civilians are notified via SMS, phone call, or hitting roof with munitions that don't explode but make loud noise. (shows footage of dots escaping hit building) 23:00 [ talks about collapsed buildings, says they were confirmed targets ] IDF: "international law says if civilian building (**"school, hospital, etc"**) is used for war purposes, it's a **valid target**" 24:00 DP: "hitting civilian buildings will be used by pro-palestinian propaganda" IDF: "...Hamas leaves civilians inside buildings on purpose", "some airstrikes were cancelled when pilot spots children", "we have many targets because Hamas has many weapons". 25:00-27:40 (paraphrasing) DP: "Israel was respected for its intelligence services, but now you have many terrorists. This is sad. Didn't catch and kill enoigh Hamases, Israel not strong anymore?" IDF: "killing is not our main goal, we're fine collecting intel" (???) DP: "use intel then?" IDF: "we do now." 25:40 DP+IDF: "nooo you're not allowed to shoot peaceful cities and civilians" (implying hamas bad) 27:40: [ Israeli moms don't want their children in military ] 28:20 IDF: **"...It's very comforting when Europeans and Japanese support us (by using flags)...cuz we know we're right"** [ talks about how they only want to stop missile strikes ] 29:20 IDF: "both sides view need recognition" DP: "isn't this schizophrenic hehe" ("hamas bad") 30:00 DP+IDF: "noooo, killing people is bad!!!" 30:30 **DP: "Who funds Hamas tho?"** - **IDF: "Ask Hamas"**. Dodging question second time. Their intel was supposed to be good. Obviously Hamas is funded entirely by Chinese weebs. 31:00-32:00 [ asked about predictions, talks about how israelis just want peacefu life - *"going to work, sending kids to school, in evening eat dinner with whole family w/o sirens and going to bomb shelter"* Blatant attempt at saying "look, Israelis are just like you!" IMO) 32:00 IDF: "...Israel is beautiful country, but 70% of ppl here can't fully enjoy life because we're being **a little inconvenienced**."... "once everything is over we'll go back to enjoyinh life w/ every1" Video ends on note that killing is bad. I think I've seen enough footage of IDF soldiers shooting children for fun to know that already.

![]( Hello! Sorry for spooky title, real situation is actually fine. Media is just trying to get more clicks via sensationalism. Maybe American comrades can provide more info. There's an opt-in power saving program in Texas, here's an excerpt from their FAQ. They also provide incentives for joining it, which my excerpt omits. ![]( A google search shows that people have been complaining about it since 2021, and some smart thermostat programs seem to exist since at least 2012. ![]( ![]( This program is reasonable. Smart devides are spooky, but at least a thermostat is not an imported CNC machine used in weapons production that sends all its use data back to manufacturer and can't even be physically moved without calling customer service. IMO, to decrease energy and fuel use, air conditioning should be used less throughout the year, and not during extreme heat events when the sick and obese population is vulnerable. Or maybe Americans should implement public transport first, bruh. (this isn't going to happen) ...Maybe this is also a glimpse into the future. Capitalists will not face the brunt of climate change. Every measure to decrease emissions will be done at the expense of the masses. (not that Americans are particularly vulnerable, but idk) - link to porky media outlet article cited in title

Reposting to ensure more people see it. This video was extremely well-received in Russia, and authors set a high bar for leftist educational content IMO. It provides analysis of conditions leading up to Hitler's rise to power and World Wars, debunking liberal myths about the relationship of capitalists w/ the NSDAP. Had no clue there was an English dub. Frankly speaking, the Russian dub is of greater quality than the English one. (some complain about intronation tho) The subs provide a watchable experience, with only a few typos and grammatical errors. I was bored, so here are also some schizo comments from Youtube as a bonus. ![](

Attached image is collage from comments on sub, it's censored properly (i think), but it's disgusting. Am I overreacting? People on sub assure it's a harmless "fantasy" kink sub. Idk. It seems like a convenient excuse, as similar subs were banned before. (see right side of image, says "for violent content") Regardless of how fake content posted there is, the mentality it fosters is extremely harmful. Are users of that sub just smelly losers with e-girls in the mix? General "message" I sense from titles and captions on vids is "hey woman, if u become an obedient fleshlight u'll be happy!!", as if they're posting this for women and not just coomers who watch this crap? Why even add captions??? Is this normal behavior for porn watchers??? My own sanity is...questionable, so could it be that I'm weird for complaining about it??? So many questions... It's only one part of a big net of similar subs. Getting these subs banned is almost pointless, but it says some things about reddit as a platform. Pedos and fascists are fine, but gommie subs is where a line must be drawn it seems. Thanks for reading my post. Sorry for cringe if I posted any.