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I’m kidding. Yeah from another comment I totally forgot that the Earth spins, a total doi moment right there

Any subs about lemmygrad anthropomorphization / lemmygrad fan art?
I want to see a community where comrades are like antroporomorpizing lemmygrad in like poems or like art etc

Oh right mastodon exists. I sort of forgot about it for a few months.

why does super hot gotta be so scary, it told me not to play anymore and now I’m scared someone is gonna come get me waaaa

Someone remembers this app to filter out social media and other apps to be in container? Forgot name 🤣

I agree they should ban CNN, the Guardian, BBC, fox, Breitbart, storm front etc

shitliberalssay or shitfascistssay

Would probably be mostly twitter and Reddit posts


For the record this was not my idea.

Made it, comment and I’ll mod you there Ratto

Had the idea pop into my head of a rendition fo Baka Mitai from the Yakuza games, except it’s my vocals and I give as much socks as I can, playing it when something unfortunate yet funny happens during a stream. Then I remembered my singing voice and the effort involved and whoof

I think just use it as a normal account and post wherever you would normally. Put a link to lemmygrad.ml in your profile there. Very rarely, someone is gonna be like “huh this u/lemmygrad person is cool” and they’ll look at your profile and click the link bringing them to us.

If you get tired of posting with that account on reddit, pass it to another trusted comrade here and they can continue spreading our voice

What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.

They’re still staning ukraine on beehaw and sopuli

Can we start collecting proof that beehaw is an opp?
We can start by calling out the people running beehaw for their blatantly offensive views towards Lemmygrad. These individuals are known for their misogynist attitude. This isn't even going to get into the fact that their server is a free speech zone.


I wish I was one of those blahajs y’all snuggle.

I get to do nothing. I just sit on a bed all day. Get snuggled and sleep. Sometimes I get thrown in a washing machine but w/e small price to pay.

There is nothing stronger than to lewdpost whilst having 0 horny.

The usa rewrites history to prove that it has never made a mistake and blames china

Any other lemmy.ml refugees here? When are we defederating from lemmy.ml?
Too much nazi shit there
Any other lemmy.ml refugees here? When are we defederating from lemmy.ml?