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Best to view fingerprint and pin/pattern unlocking as ways of avoiding random unlocks while in your pocket, for example.

TPM chips invented in ~2004 were widely feared because they enabled this capability, but until now they have been primarily used only in corporate networks and for BitLocker hard drive encryption.

[…] Cloudflare has already shown it is possible for websites to use it to verify the humanity of a user and skip CAPTCHAs on macOS. What happens when Windows gains that ability? Linux users will be left out in the cold […]

On an extremely paranoid note, will our government or a large corporation require a driver’s license for the internet, with a digital attestation binding a device to your digital ID in an unfalsifiable way? […]

Need some sources on your numbers, but taking them at face value, a few points:

  • 1600km is avoided in no time. (You don’t need to ride 1600km to avoid driving 1600km, but it’s only 3-9 months of short cycling trips).
  • Your car can still be used by someone else, saving the production of another car for that time (removing the relevance of considering the embodied energy of the car before switching to bicycle).
  • The sooner your 1 car is sent to scrap, the sooner it can be melted down into tubing and parts to make 100 bicycles.

What city’s (nation’s?) annual resource consumption and CO₂e emissions does $15b worth of GPU manufacture and subsequent mining most closely represent?

Marginally “better”, but not progress; like the US military going carbon neutral.

The ecosystem is still a walled garden subject to government pressures upon and whims of a single corporate entity.

Boot up tails or qubes in a virtual machine (LXC or VirtualBox, for example).

If you can get close to eliminating sugar and simple starches from your daily diet, that alone will prevent a lot of plaque build-up and even slow/prevent advancement of tooth decay (within reason… Please see a dentist and get tooth decay fixed before it destroys your quality of life).

Sugary foods include things like dried fruit. Simple starches include crackers and most bread (I find a crusty open-crumb sourdough to cause less plaque buildup than a fluffy yeast loaf, despite being basically the same ingredients.)

Searching on Aliexpress, I found several USB-C hubs with the same case, same specs, and probably the same components… for 10 euros a piece. Paying 90 euros just because some company printed their logo on it feels… wrong.

Keep a pocket-full of broken spark-plug ceramics to throw at their windscreens.

K, so it looks like there’s about 30m² of pavement per car in that area.

Urban, hmm. Let’s go 5 storeys high on ⅔ of the paved area (need space for walking and windows). Each carload gets a 100m² apartment on average.

Then 100% turf roofs for your hours of meat cooking and alcohol consuming. Every day if you desire.

Hyper-urban walkable live-in sports park in exchange for ditching your cars and suburbs?

Yet another IM protocol. Walled garden. Fees to be paid to a central company.

There’s plenty to criticise about signal, but “mesibo” is not the solution.

Besodes, the signal-dissing in the article seems mostly a FUD exercise.

Can always use a neutral functional deoderant such as magnesium hydroxide if you’re averse to perfumes.

The Ministry for the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson.

The first chapter, which describes a heat wave that reaches a lethal wet-bulb temperature, Robinson’s counterpoint to people advocating adaptation, was described by reviewers as gut-wrenching and some of Robinson’s most stunning and grimmest writing.

– Wikipedia

…so, just feed this data back into the deep fake engine model until it is indistinguishable again?

Banned from c/vegan for this one. My bad. Captions: Anakin Padme 4-panel: - "I'm going to make everyone go vegan and eat soybeans." - "So we won't destroy any more ecosystems, right?" - ... - "We won't destroy any more ecosystems, right?"

Conversations.im registration is now free of charge!
Looks like they're funding the service through custom domain xmpp hosting: > We have decided to make conversations.im accounts free of charge. We think this will help the adoption of XMPP in general and Conversations in particular. Our domain hosting will continue to act as a source of revenue for our service. > > We hope you continue to enjoy conversations.im.

To be fair, some organisations put under-qualified people in middle-management type positions without the support or resources to effectively do their job, and even actively direct legitimate employee frustration to them when it’s concerning problems they have no agency over. These organisations also actively push employee/union-sympathising managers out of these roles, further narrowing the chance of a capable manager.

So you end up with either malicious middle managers or inept middle managers. Both types should quit the role - the former won’t because they love it, the latter won’t because they too inept to realise they should.

I use Firefox and I just do a Ctrl+mouseScrollUp or ctrl+= and it remembers the zoom for that website.

The tweet responses are telling us if we think that way about DDG we must be in with the racist maga antivax crowd.

DDG results have been feeling a little too curated for years now, and they’ve openly censored results since around the time of removing the scihub bang, which I thought was the first near-universally egregious example.

Do you have something to substantiate this suggestion? As far as I can tell from credible reports, it’s only LRAD (“sonic guns”) which have been used, in ACT and NSW jurisdictions, in recent years.

In Canberra over the weekend it appears to have been a fairly non-militarised looking LRAD unit used for PA purposes only.

There do seem to be significant safety issues which need addressing with the tech, and concerns to discuss about the style of policing it enables.

Jumping into rabbit holes of energy weapons, if unsubstantiated, seems unhelpful.