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so, ceo doesn’t mean that you decide what to do, right? _

trying to find a post / source of “self-made success guy story” probably published previously on lem
it was a fun story of young guy from us, who worked during studying in his fathers company, lived in grand pa/ uncle home to save on rent, got loads of money from uncle and managed to save money for own house or something like that. Motto of article was: if he could everyone can do it too :) any guesses ?

I’ve found it in browser console : getcommunity -> community_view -> counts

am I right that post and comments are not total numbers, but for some specific period like year for ex? Just noticed, that amount of posts and comments decreased since previous month.

Thank you very much! Finally, managed to get this data :)

If someone is interested, getCommunity helps to get number of subscribers.

Just accept the reality, you have misread the question. Please don’t waste our time for this discussion. Just let it go.

PS China is a good point.

I have never asked about this it’s up to everyone. The only answer I got is USA is a wrong place for people with dumbphones. I was pretty surprised honestly.

Do you like to bully people like that? :)

Your rage covers the eyes. Where you have seen in this thread me asking such a question? The only question I asked was related to a location where people can or cannot live without a smartphone ;)

Should I ask you for a permission the next time I feel I have to do this again?

I think it mostly depends on your habits and daily routines, of course dumbphone is changing a lot, but also freeing you from many useless activities.

I heard a song on the radio and I could not use Shazam to identify it.

It is so sad that you have been through that.

  • Mobile banking by photographing checks
  • Check out a bike with a companion app and a QR code
  • Video conferencing using the built in camera and microphones
  • Morning alarm that also reads the headlines.

Sounds like a petty bourgeoisie pleasures, ie nothing really important for life

and as for combining things in one device, I agree, it happened, but all this works worse than dedicated devices. If you really need gps for real stuff you would better use professional device, if you need camera not just for fun, you would prefer to use normal camera etc…

Having better ux than windows mobile doesn’t mean that it makes history. It is just a bit better version of a cell phone. The main goal of this device was to ease content (mostly paid garbage or hidden ads) consumption.

If you exclude everything that is not needed to you specifically, you will find that there is just gps + maps, cell-phone, mp3 player and camera. And all of these features working worse than the same via dedicated devices.

Is it a revolution we deserve to combine good features and make them work worse?

hehe my initial hypothesis was oranges while my gf was pretty sure it is bananas (looks like she was the closest to the truth), but tomatoes really surprised me :)))

Is Iceland self-sufficient in terms of food? When I was there, I saw few greenhouses and cold desert around :)

probably good place for us citizens or whatever political agenda is, but for foreigners there is a risk to go through the same things as japanese-americans did during ww2.

nice country, but close to China, border conflicts with neighbors and water shortage.

it is not solely about myself, so if you have in mind various options depends on the budget, feel free to list them

Just tell me why lemmy.ml should necessarily be ideologically diverse? To be in permanent chaos and useless fights? I think there is already plenty of such platforms…

I did and got response that it is just UI improvement proposal, not a bug. Despite this occurs pretty regularly to multiple users already.

yeah this one :) in my opinion, it is just a great series with a fun plot and great atmosphere!

solo keys looks interesting! Am I right that it could be used as a password, not like a 2FA only?

upd seems it more 2FA solution

Can’t read the article, it requires subscribing.

As of NFT’s in general, there is barely a difference between them and collectible unique sneakers drops or another overpriced consumer junk in terms of hype and utility. If you cannot accept NFT’s boom, probably capitalism is not for you ^_-

You go right ahead. Dealing with one cryptobro at a time is quite enough for me, thanks.

Just friendly invite :)

I have just noticed, that few last months ddg is not working as good as it used to. 🤗