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Brave Software’s CEO is Brendan Eich https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Eich

Eich resigned from Mozilla in 2014 after it turned out that he’d made political donations against California’s same-sex marriage equality bill. Since then, he’s got press for being some kind of COVID denialist https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/22/business/brave-brendan-eich-covid-19.html

So, as well as the crypto bullshit and advertising cooperation that others mentioned, company’s run by a shitlord.

anyone who believes it’ll be truly “end to end encrypted” I got a bridge to sell ya…

I wish the lastpass execs a very happy “going out of business and never being let near running a company again”

weird that they picked a name so similar to the longstanding (not gmail based) seemingly unrelated service mailinator.com

love the concept, so much sponsorship tho 😬

these terrible vehicles are getting popular in africa and europe too 😭

and they started serving CAPTCHAs to Tor users…

Hey thanks for the reply, didn’t notice you were the author, I wasn’t intentionally speaking to you in the 3rd person.

I figured you probably didn’t intend anything racist by the word “ricing”.

And I know that it’s about “overly-customized shitty cars”, going back to the “Gentoo is for ricers” blog. Did you know it’s about Japanese overly-customized shitty cars?

This forum thread seems helpful: https://www.resetera.com/threads/is-the-term-ricer-racist.103962/

Yes, it started to mock Asians that decked out their cars. There was no term for white people, it was meant to put Asians down in the automotive scene due to their early success.

I think it is. I have only heard it used to describe Asians. I couldn’t imagine going up to an Asian and calling him a “ricer”

Oh my god. I haven’t heard that term in over 15 years. People still say Ricer?! And yeah, I always heard it in reference to Asian street racers. So I assumed it was at least a little racist, whether that was playful ribbing or full on go fuck yourself racism, I dunno. I wasn’t really in that scene.

(It also mentions the “Racing Inspired Car Enhancements” theory of the word origin, which I’d never heard, but I agree with folks there that “RICE” is a backronym, i.e. it was invented after the fact, like “RAP” = “rhythm associated poetry”)

More sources:

anyone have a minute to ask the author to take out the probably-racist term “ricing”?

And if you’re interested in doing some ricing…

cool now do instagram

(edit: and Whatsapp)

try making friends with some migrants and some queer people (there are lots of both on Lemmy) - I’d bet everything that your dehumanising views will change, and you won’t have to worry about “self censorship” to participate here

“To be able to set up a branded surveillance paywall around something that should be a free public service”

I’m a bit surprised you’re surprised, it’s got “master race” in the name. At best it’s too soon to be cracking uncritical jokes about the Nazis, at worst it’s a deliberate dogwhistle. Another depressing search to do on that sub is find the times people begged for it to be changed.

Hot take: all roads with this many lanes should be in tunnels, under buildings where appropriate, this is a great start 🙏

> On Thursday, NHTSA said it had discovered in 16 separate instances when this occurred that Autopilot “aborted vehicle control less than one second prior to the first impact,” suggesting the driver was not prepared to assume full control ovper the vehicle. > > CEO Elon Musk has often claimed that accidents cannot be the fault of the company, as data it extracted invariably showed Autopilot was not active in the moment of the collision.

Be kind to yourself for what you do manage, look for any ways you can make things easier for yourself. Can you keep your toothbrush, and a bottle of water and something to spit into, near where you sleep, if you don’t usually get to the bathroom before sleeping? Or if you do make it there, could you get out your toothbrush and toothpaste in advance, when you’ve got more energy, so there’s not so many steps when you’re in there when you’re tired? Do you have mouthwash, as a quick fix if you’re too shattered for brushing and flossing?

On flossing, I couldn’t motivate to floss my whole life, same as you, waste of time - I wasn’t getting cavities, and when I flossed my gums would bleed and when I didn’t they didn’t, so it felt totally counterintuitive.

Since I got a filling a couple of years ago I’ve been trying to find something that works, before I need more.

I’d seen the disposable single use picks with a piece of floss, but I couldn’t feel goodabout that much plastic waste, and it was still too hard to reach back teeth when I tried a couple.

Then I got a kit like this, it was the equivalent of about $4:

Between the two different sizes, the whole process is closer to 2 minutes vs closer to 10 with floss (I’m sure both would be quicker with practice), I’ve seen blood a lot less, there’s a satisfying amount of gunk that comes out even after brushing well, and I tell myself (hopefully accurately) that any time I manage to use them, even if it’s only once a week, is a favour to myself vs before, when literally the only times those places got regularly cleaned was at the dentist.

I haven’t heard anything that he said that wasn’t said by someone less antisemitic, so I don’t feel very motivated to read him

I understand if some anarchists need a space to process negative experiences they’ve had with communists, like folks on Lemmygrad have !okbuddyanarkiddie@lemmygrad.ml (don’t go there imo 🙃).

Myself, I would like to do more outreach to other leftists. I’m not an ML but it’s really interesting being on Lemmygrad, I’d want non-anarchists to feel at least that welcome on some kind of lemmanarchy.space.

Call me naive but instance-to-instance blocking / defederating feels like it should be the absolute last resort; it’s like saying an entire community (lemmygrad 5600 and counting) is toxic and not salvageable.

I appreciate you explaining, it doesn’t sound idiotic, I think we have different ideas about what makes a positive community, and I’m not sure I fully understand what you’re saying.

Would you be OK with seeing these things, which I don’t think would be “calling for direct physical harm” to anyone, on a Lemmy instance?

  • Posting someone’s legal name, home address, government ID number
  • Calling for a person to be hacked, harassed online or in person, or for someone to steal their bike/car/pet, or kill their pet
  • Child porn, revenge porn (nonconsensually posting private nude pictures), edited / deepfake porn
  • Copyrighted movies, music and TV
  • Classified government documents

If you’re OK with these kinds of posts, then I can see what you mean about only having one rule; I feel like a site like that would be under constant legal threats, and I think it would be pretty toxic, but I’d be interested to hear how it goes.

If you wouldn’t be OK with them, is that because of legal stuff, or you morally disagreeing with it?

If a site follows the law, then you’ve got to ban holocaust denial (Germany), “hate speech” (UK and France), blasphemy against god or the monarch (Saudi Arabia, Thailand), leaking government secrets (US, UK), piracy (basically everywhere), harassment (a bunch of places), revenge porn (US, UK), child porn (basically everywhere)… the list goes on.

And if you have a moral problem with any of the above… what would you add to your free speech policy to make those exceptions?

I think the Lemmy authors run both lemmy.ml and lemmygrad.ml, so What is lemmy.ml might be helpful to you.

Also the default Code of Conduct in the Lemmy documentation.

I can’t speak for the creators, but it seems it’s more important to them to have an inclusive community than to protect “free speech”. Looking at the “free speech” Lemmy and Mastodon / Pleroma instances out there, I think they made the right call…