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the majority of western leftists are like that :(

not surprised that a conservative channel has “memeology” in its name

not surprised that elon musk is building something this awful

people actually use the term “gommunist” unironically??

a clone of the economist

i’m guessing because ever since the korean peninsula got split during the cold war (and before then), the dprk has always been portrayed as evil by the us (and the rok)

but yeah :( the dprk is consistently portrayed to be a totalitarian dystopia, even more so than other socialist states.

the us spent thousands of dollars for nothing lmao

so it’s a LaRouchite podcast? not surprised

this is absolutely terrible. i don’t understand how someone can look at this situation and how the us responded to it and not think that the us simply doesn’t care about american civilians

yeah. the us would rather use chernobyl as ammo against communism than care about people in east palestine, ohio

this article refers to MLs who don’t support patriotism in the imperial core as baizuos, it definitely wasn’t made in good faith

also “Zoomerwald Left” lmao

can’t wait for what american msm is going to say about it after recovering the debris from the balloon lmao

this cold war is quickly turning into a hot war

if only american liberals stopped thinking that democrats are left wing

they might’ve simply stopped being on this site because they have lives outside of lemmygrad. it sucks that people disappeared though :(