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i would make some witty low effort “joke” but i am too disgusted and terrified at whats happening here in europe. get me out of here…

hes a fuckin traitor anyway, glad they capped his ass. now the true premier will crush the nazi scum with twinblade swarm!

zero evidence that 2014 election was faked. plenty evidence of western interference.

but go off, libs. how about you visit the country and see for yourself. you can’t do anything there without forgetting some money on the table.

what was even the point of the contest then, what was the point of sending all these artists to do their thing? they should have just cancelled everything and saved the artists the time and effort, and saved the viewers all the cringe. there isnt a scenario where the winner is different… and they knew this.

diaperpics? what? actually no, dont tell me.

there are too many cars yes, but because how shit the public transportation is in most places, and that neolibs centralized all the wealth to big cities, the working class does not have a choice. not to mention that in this glorious time of wealth and prosperity you now need two adults on full time to provide a living of any kind to a family. that means two cars.

remote work can remedy this and all power to people who like that but i refuse to bring my work home, in any way.

the masters created the conditions and the slaves have to get the bread somehow. go figure. so dont blame us. the changes must come from the top. the leadership must take the charge and responsibility. this is how things work in most organizations. but of course, crapitalism must be the reverse, even if the bottom has 0 power. somehow every single fucking problem is our responsibility, never the bourgeois.

polish history education is an actual freak of nature. it is really difficult to describe, as if they teach children that poland was mistreated by everyone around them and how “bad things were happening to us despite helping everyone :(”

while at the same time, lets barely mention any actual successes of the polish state. lets not teach people that poland was once a multicultural state and a strong one at that (and that it was destroyed by greed and corruption of the “nobles”). lets not teach people that these “horrible commie traitors” actually are responsible for rebuilding the nation and the welfare systems that lifted millions from poverty, disease and illiteracy. systems that our fascist government is so busy dismantling. what programme of 3rd RP can even fucking look at the “1000 schools for 1000th anniversary of the polish state” without shitting itself in inadequacy? the vaccination programs? the urban planning?

be as it may, the history education produced desired results, you cant fault it for that. it produced neat little fascists, some more in favor of traditions and religions, others in favor of american imperialism and liberalism. it plants the seed of hate, from very young ages. it just grows from there. the fruit is a pathetic doormat of a nation that wouldn’t mind feeding itself with dirt as long as these darn ruskies are suffering.

in case you havent noticed, i am so proud of my heritage. so much that i would probably be stripped of citizenship by the mob.

yes daddy biden, keep inflating the currency so i wont be able afford anything anymore other than selling my life to an amazon happy family town.

what a happy side consequence of this mess. destroyed and demoralized lower classes, ripe for enslavement. or was it the plan all along? i dont hear of any western government addressing the ever growing challenges of the non-bourgeoisie.

western europeans are racist to all, they consider themselves superior to any other race, even other whites that arent western european. even americans, regardless of race, are ridiculed. americans are “dumb”, but europe is their removed. so how does this work, exactly?

as a slav i open myself to discrimation each time i open my mouth or show my name. because then suddenly, my potential wage is smaller.

they arent helping ukrainians because of the desire to help them survive. they want cheap labor. many companies in denmark in hotel/restaurant industry were complaining for months about worker shortage. of course the wages in these sectors being stagnant in 30 years and known stories of worker abuse totally dont matter. well we can forget about wage increases now, they have found themselves a solution. the mere fucking notion that the first thing that needs to be sorted for a refugee is to find them work ASAP, is fucking disgusting to me and incomprehensible.

you can always count on westoids to exploit every tragedy. i can’t wait till the days when the entire world, all the nations and ethinicties they exploited for centuries, will finally turn on them.

aren’t they supposed to be dying for their country, in their country?

as the war started, i heard that zelensky decreed that all able males are forbidden to leave ukraine. so why are these nazi fuckers crawling around in germany? perhaps they could be arrested for desertion?

i mean look at that winning top tier public company strat

  • raise the prices to oblivion
  • take content away
  • produce new original content of questionable quality
  • region lock so many get to pay more for less
  • introduce a fuckton of restrictions to extract even more money
  • blindly follow other sheep-companies into the slaughter by sanctioning themselves out of lucrative markets for no reason

look how well its working, just look at them stonks

huh, wasn’t aware that one could “extradite” to another province of the same country

same with adam smith, he wasnt exactly the “free-market-fixes-everything” guy neoliberals think he was

greatest statesman of 20th century europe, just behind stalin. it is a shame that they didn’t get along. i always respected tito as an individual and as a leader, and yugoslavia was a powerful and prosperous state while he lived. unfortunately, his biggest mistake was not preparing the state for times when he would be gone. in more ways than one, he was very naive and perhaps too kind-hearted (considering how easily everything he built and achieved was picked off by western and nationalist vultures inside yugoslavia).

i had an even higher opinion of him before i started getting interested in interacting in leftist communities and his yugoslavia was close to my idea of a state i would like to live in and support. but now as i read more ML articles i cant help but admit that he could have done better. perhaps if it wasnt for the feud between him and stalin, maybe he would have stayed more true to marxism-leninism (which would definitely have safeguarded yugoslavia for much longer, rather than almost immediately decaying after his death). one could speculate how things would have looked if he supported the greek communists in the civil war (which again, he would have if it wasnt for the feud).

nevertheless, it cant be denied that while he lived, he has done great things to his people and his mistakes aside, he had the right idea. look at the balkans. before him, it was a mess. after his death, it was a mess. while he lived, there was a true power to be reckoned with.

while i previously (and perhaps still) consider myself a titoist despite never living in yugoslavia, nowadays i am searching for materials and resources on what titoism really was, and how titos “market socialism” compared to NEP or economical reforms by deng xiaoping. perhaps someone can point me to the right places?

good, we desperately need that law in rest of europe but fat chance of that happening.

the amount of crypto-fascist balts and poles crying how soviets were as bad or worse than nazis is disturbing. none of these fuckers would have lived if nazis had their way, but try getting that through their stupid skulls.

this is some of the most infuriating shit i experience and i am powerless to do anything about it.

technological psychological warfare is all based and cool as long as it targets “the enemy”

will be a different talk when their own ass gets targeted in the name of surveillance capitalism and “background checks”.

i just visit hobbiyst/tech news subs right now and avoid anything political like the plague itself, absolutely nothing of value to be found aside from just getting my blood levels high. i dont even login or comment anymore, i refuse to contribute

yankee propaganda has done its work and turned mainstream internet into something obscenely insufferable. you’d think after the totally botched covid response resulting in waste of life and worsening of mental conditions everywhere, antiwork debacle and decline of living conditions all over west people would start speaking up. but all it took was some sabre rattling and everyone collectively just go back to being blind.

forums died for this shit? for that one centralized toxic cesspool?

shit, i dont either. guess i am one of the untermench now. when can i get my arm band with a star?

if everyone did what china did, there would be no covid.

so… extremely favorable. by “letting it rip” world leaders started a huge uncontrolled experiment on the masses. who knows what the virus will do to us 10 years after the fact.

i agree that weak leadership that lost faith/betrayed the ideas of socialism was also a big factor. its just that the 80s economical turmoil pushed things into freefall. in poland for example there are often talks about how “communism would never fall if there were wares on shelves”, of course these arguments are often combined with ridicule from the libs about “communist mentality” but i tend to disregard that part as just another form of their poor-shaming.

i would like to learn more about various forms of “revisionism” and its effects on then-existing socialist states. can you recommend a page?

so support russia, no matter the cost? even at the detriment of the very class and people we are supposed to stand for? because you wont have an easy time explaining this to people affected by this conflict. try to reflect on why past socialist states fell and lost popular support. it really doesnt matter how well you wrap an idea, as soon as people struggle to put food on the table or you make too many mothers and fathers cry, you are done and people will turn to anyone who promises to fix things. doesnt have to be actual solutions, just like the capitalist lies the entire iron courtain got sold in the 90s.

i understand what you are saying - russia must succeed here if leftist movement should have a hope, and america must be weakened. but to brush off this war as something to be celebrated is kinda sick. its fucking tragic.

you say that you support the end of the western hegemon. i dont think you will find anyone here who will disagree. but the methods are many, and the idea that this goal should be obtained by… pitting workers against workers, is rather alien to me.

you call me an anarchist. on what basis?

i will not comment on the nazi callouts you keep throwing around. but it does seem you are the kind of person that keeps the leftist movement weak by sticking your head high up the clouds rather than looking down and trying to lend a hand to a working man.

this war should not be happening. and i will die on that hill.

tell that to the families who are struggling to put food on the table right now despite everyone working hard for it. tell them how good this war is for them.

the rich arent bleeding out in ukrainian flatlands right now. and its not the rich that paying the price when they enter a market.

who are you really supporting? because this war could have been avoided.

this right here is what makes this community truly different from that redditor horde.

if it were russians getting blasted and posted on a normie subreddit, and everyone would be celebrating. “8 dead orks [insert crab emoji]” or whatever.

this war is a tragedy for regular people, with select few benefitting from it and countless being manipulated to believe its somehow “good”.

all that aside, i see a potential for a fresh meme template here… lets pretend the guys on the picture are azov or banderists

without going into any theories or definitions because i am a complete newbie and have no idea what i am talking about;

america is the current big dog, the hegemon, the entity who controls the world and the main bully. they have the ability to overthrow governments all over the world and spread neoliberal agenda all over the place, to the detriment of working classes. they actively pursue return to feudalism, where the common guy owns nothing and is a slave to the wealthy, land owning master.

is russian government leftist or even working for the betterment of common man? no… but they challenge the big imperialist over there. and as it stands right now, they dont have the ability to do the same evil as america does. so just from the pragmatic perspective, supporting the state that stands in the way of the main imperialist is the right course of action. because with strong american empire, there is zero hope of a successful leftist movement in the west.

so this makes things simple, at least to me. i dont support russia because i love putin or whatever, i support russia because without them, the capitalist west will have a completely free reign over much of the world. enemy of my enemy kind of situation. even now, western empire keeps eroding workers rights, destroying societies by spreading individualism, letting the rich profit from everything while the poor get poorer. russia doesnt have that power yet. the west does, and they use it as we speak.

my old lady is the same, bragging all about how bad communism was and how pis is good. shes also a big believer and tends to annoy her neighbors way too much with her moods and preaching. your typical polish babcia.

in her youth she was married to a cop (milicjant), and despite many slip ups like making jokes of local officials, she never lost her position as a office clerc. did she live in luxury? not really, she had a hard life from childhood and survived the nazi occupation, and i am not going to delude anyone that PRL was at any point some utopia, but she didnt exactly suffer and made do like most people who weren’t against the government. and i assure it was a more stable life than now, where she needs to be supported by her family to buy coal and food. she wont deny that at least, but she will eventually go back to ranting about bad russians again.

can’t say anything about tortures. i don’t know anyone who experienced them, beyond interrogations which were common at the time.

soviets “stealing” from poland, well again you have to keep in mind a lot of our history is heavily, and i mean heavily propagandized so dont believe what you read or hear. even if they were “stealing” resources, keep in mind that they rebuilt the nation and we were in a trade block after all - and the entire block had it hard.

one of my more controversial opinions, even in the leftist space, is that i am not that fond of USSR when it comes to the relations with PRL. i recognize their leader position and nature of being such a nation (a leader needs sometimes to step in hard and intervene to steer the course) but in my opinion they didn’t want us to become too influential. for example, we had a nuclear program going on but the mind behind it “suddenly” died in a car crash, and for some reason no one continued it. just like most of our history that is actually interesting, its largely fallen to obscurity. our politics were also pegged to whatever was happening in the kremlin (cough khruschev/destalinization/gomulka - how convinient), with few exceptions. my dream version of PRL would be a confidently socialist state, but just like TItos Yugoslavia outside the iron courtain. although i would have not been opposed with tight cooperation with the soviet bloc, unlike our southern non-alligned friend. unfortunately, we just werent in a position to pull that off after ww2, and after the fall of 1989 both the PZPR and solidarnosc scum sold us out to the west, bringing forth the horrors of the 90s and balcerowicz’s shock therapy. i am not sure how this community looks at the rare breed such as titoists but thats just where i stand.

you should respond by “you weren’t there, and your parents were little shits while the system was at its last legs. you don’t know jack, so stfu”

the entire history of poland as we poles are taught at school is fake, from head to toe. even in the darkest hours of the 80s, no one was going around starving in PRL. as for repression, it depends how you look at it. it wasn’t particularily brutal considering how other states, even western ones, handle violent protests nowadays. or you could claim it wasnt brutal enough, and the then-ruling elites caved over and sold out our country at the round table because they had no plans beyond saving their own ass. PRL should have been reformed, not dismantled.

so there is that. wonder whats their excuse this time. guilt by association i am sure. is the leftist subreddit purge complete or do some still remain?

not that it matters, i will never participate in that site again. i just lurk on some hobbyist subreddits which arent necessarely infested with political propaganda, but that is all.

same in denmark.


don’t get me started on the bs “happiest country in the world” or “no corruption” bullshit. denmark is falling apart. the society is failling apart. welfare state is replaced by apathy and privatization. trust is replaced by authoritarianism. everything is getting more expensive, and state workers are treated like garbage (look at nurse protests last year). anyone poor struggles? too bad, move, sell your car, buy a bike, you have kids? shouldnt have banged your wife if youre poor lmao.

libs think its fine though, after all they are ceo programmers or some overpaid consultants and you should just get good.

even at pitiful excuses of “help” like the recent “varmecheck” (one time donation from government to the poor to help offset the sky high prices of energy) libs are all seething “I WANT MONEY TOO! GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS ARE BUYING VOTERS”. the mere notion of helping the poor is making lose their minds

like everywhere, greed is taking over, and the flexicurity model based on a fine balance between big social programs and economical freedom is slowly but surely tipping the favor towards the businesses. if one visited denmark 20 years ago and now, they would be shocked at how the society has changed. i mean for fucks sake, read up on what kind of stunts jobcenter is pulling. how the state bails out crap industries by finding cheap workers rather than forcing the job providers to increase their wages. you will be getting calls from headhunters with “great offers” on 100 dkk/hour. or if you are completely out of luck and have no money from your labor union insurance, they will force you to work for FREE if you want to get the lowest tier of state help (kontanthjælp).

imho? sorry for sounding like a lil defeatist here, but here is how i see it. be there for your local people when the time comes and lend them a hand. you know, the things shitlib trolls and script kiddies wont do because they will be too busy jacking off to their pile of worthless material possession and imaginary status rather than caring for their fellow comrade. judging by how things are heading in the worlds, might be sooner rather than later unfortunately.

that is our best bet for convincing people. stay down to earth and not spend too much time on games and schemes that hardly matter for the common man when shtf. only in hard times one can clearly see its true allies. and these trolls will not have anything to offer then.

still… if ya all wanna do it, its not like i am opposed. watching the seething is always fun. just dont lose sight of what actually matters and what we should stand for.


oh no, because thats totally illegal. if you dont like the “$currentgoodguys”, then you are pro war and pro suffering and awful human being !!!

a true mask off moment for shitlibs, and all this insanity is going to carve out a lifetime enemy of an entire nation. congratulations. its like nobody ever paid attention on history lessons, even if a lot of them were a wee bit tweaked to fit the narrative. jfc