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Ukraine has no Nazis in action

They actually consider children a greater threat than adults due to their ability to create “demographic issues” in the future.

Ukraine doing another normal one

That’s definitely it. They’re literally teaching kids about China while they’re completely illiterate about China.

It’s the whole “USSR was worse than Nazis” and “Putin is worse than Hitler” shtick which is the stepping stone to finally reaching the “Hitler wasn’t that bad” lib.

Dems only “tolerate” blacks and gays because they have learn to co-opt their movements in service of Imperialism. If major black and gay movements start sympathizing with the undesirables such as Palestinians the “tolerance” will disappear.

GOP is just a less propaganda sophisticated version of DNC.

Considering it’s ADL, they will soon remove 1488 from the hate symbols along with the 45 degree tilted swastika and the only hate symbol they still recognize is a Palestinian flag.

They were saying brown people are ‘genociding’ the white people by replacing them, but of course Ukrainians are white so it’s no problem.

Nazis fee fees hurt due to existence of non-whites. UK government looking into termination of non-whites in order to resolve this issue.

It’s literally just a lie. Like they just lie at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years they just straight up lie and say China nuked us.

The brainrot is amazing. How could they not stop for just 1 second and really think about what they’re saying? Truly the only thing they understand is Harry Potter. They’ve never matured past the age of 7.

I’m now ashamed of criticizing people who jumped on Saddam has WMDs bandwagon, at least those guys were fooled by something that they were lied to about, not like this when the existence of UkroNazis and NATO encroachment has been public fucking knowledge for a whole decade, and they just choose to pretend like it doesn’t exist, and that just for supporting Nazis! Compared to these, Saddam has WMDs guys were paragons of logic and virtue.

exactly, it’s imperialism’s new excuse. “We’re civilizing them!”, “We’re teaching them democracy!” now “We’re saving the planet” and in the end they will not save the planet and kill a ton of people on top.

New study suggest breathing oxygen is linked with longer lifespans.

Because of a well-spreaded lie about Chairman Xi banning Winnie the Pooh in China over memes comparing him to Winnie. And thus started an endless supply of Chairman Xi being molded with the Pooh Bear. It honestly just feels like a racist caricature at this point.

As far as I know it literally is a racist caricature. The guys who originally said Winnie the Pooh looks like Xi because Winnie the Pooh is yellow.

Yes, and they will destroy the earth while they do it.

Nazis are bad.

Reddit admins: user banned for breaking community guidelines and writing hatespeech

We should nuke China.

Reddit admins: You are a wise sage, have your own sub with 200k subscribers.

They’re not “shifting away” from US, they simply have enough 'murican politicians in the bag that they can just do whatever the fuck they want. I was watching an interview with Ali Abunimah recently and he put it very succinctly: Israel is the equivalent of Donald Trump but on the world stage. Trump could shoot an American citizen in broad daylight and he wouldn’t lose any supporters. Israel could shoot an American citizen in broad daylight and they wouldn’t lose any American politician.

The geopolitical relationship between Israel and USA is very one sided thanks to AIPAC. USA has to go through excruciating lengths to defend Israeli interests but Israel isn’t gonna do shit for American interests and any American politician who complains about this one sided relationship will be instantly labeled an anti Semite by Israeli establishment and AIPAC and their entire political career would basically be over.

AI essay on “What did Stalin do with his large spoon?”
Joseph Stalin was a ruthless dictator who is remembered for his oppressive rule over the Soviet Union. One of the most iconic symbols associated with him is his large spoon, which he used to intimidate those around him and enforce his will. This large spoon has become synonymous with Stalin's power and influence in Russia during this time period, but what did he actually do with it? The answer lies in how Stalin wielded it as an extension of himself to control those around him. He would often use the spoon as a symbol of authority when speaking at public events or rallies, holding it up like a gavel while making speeches or issuing orders. It also served as an effective psychological tool: anyone who saw that giant utensil knew that they were dealing with someone powerful enough to carry such an object without issue—and if they didn't comply then there could be consequences! Stalin was known for being particularly brutal towards political opponents and dissidents; by wielding this imposing implement publicly, he sent out strong signals about what might happen if one crossed him—or even disagreed too strongly on certain matters! The symbolism behind this weapon-like item allowed people to understand exactly where their place stood within society under his reign: either submit or face dire consequences from its wielder himself. In conclusion, Joseph Stalin's large spoon served multiple purposes throughout history; not only did it act as a physical reminder of fear but also helped establish order through intimidation tactics during times when obedience seemed paramount above all else. Its value can still be seen today whenever we reflect upon one man’s ability to manipulate entire populations through sheer force alone — something no other leader before (or since) has been able replicate so effectively using just one simple kitchen utensil!

Comrade Putin incoming in 5 years
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e58e5d4f-c3fc-4d41-8d86-7139b1f1c633.png) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/98d55768-7544-4964-93a3-dc470100dadb.jpeg)

They made Zelensky white
Photoshopped his eyes to blue for Time. 😂 😂 😂

Could it possibly be that a nation built on genociding the natives would actually be ok with Nazism? Say it ain’t so!

bUt dOn’t yOu kNoW RoJaVa iS LiTeRaLlY A PaRaDiSe?

Please ignore all the US troops slurping up all the Syrian oil. They’re just here to keep peace, no biggie.

This. As far as I know the people in Germany who want to “stand up for themselves” rn are neo Nazis. The libs are just American henchmen by this point, don’t expect anything of them.

It’s very convenient that they won’t live long cause US can just be like “oops, there was a fire at our records keeping department, we have no idea who we hired so I guess we can’t pay their families! It’s such a tragedy”

Position: Contract

Also remember that if any of these dies in war, the western media will be like “RUSSIA KILLED AN AMERICAN CONTRACTOR” as if he was there fixing lights.

it was a revolution intent on duplicating what happened in Russia


Libs only disgaree with Nazism if Nazism is not mainstream. If it becomes mainstream they’re like “eh it’s fine I guess, the TV man said it’s fine so it’s fine.”

And don’t forget if GOP was in power they’d be sending in the guns and the dems would be crying crocodile tears about the Nazis. It’s all a game for them.

I had to read the subtitle to realize it’s not real. I would not at all be surprised if there was a real article like this and some spin about how “CCP” has brainwashed the masses into liking not being homeless and therefore imprisoned their minds and the whole of China is basically an open air prison.

it’s all psyop. everything is now psyop. they’re desperate.

My condolences on finding out about NAFO.

based on [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/ShitLiberalsSay/comments/xha7qf/behold_latestage_neoliberalism/) piece of neolib propaganda.

You might remember [4 days ago](https://lemmygrad.ml/post/339505) Amnesty International published a report detailing Ukraine's use of civilians, which had a very predictable backlash among ukraine flag emojis and now they have apologized for it. The comments are full of people saying it was Russian propaganda and they're right to have backtracked. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Hi, [Prolekult](https://www.youtube.com/c/Prolekult) is one of my favorite leftist youtube channels and due to raise of cost of living they need help to be able to continue working on the channel. If any of you are able to support it would be appreciated!

Remember when this was called "terrorism" and justified killing hundreds of thousands of brown people as a response?

Insulting the soldiers who lost their lives fighting Nazis on Victory Day. As you expect from reddit the comments are full of people cheering for them.

Now that anti-imperialism has entered the mainstream and is pretty popular, they're coopting it and presenting USA as anti-imperialist. I have a feeling once communism attains mainstream acceptance in USA they will come and say actually USA has always been the bastion of *real* communism and that USSR was actually the *real* capitalists because words have no meaning anymore.

Absolutely disgusting post on [r/worldnews](https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/uj3ot9/three_killed_in_suspected_terror_attack_in/) that you might as well just call r/fashnews at this point. The mods of this default sub have basically banned any even slightly left leaning poster recently and the Ziobots have doubled down on vote manipulation (which is against reddit ToS but reddit never does anything about it when Israeli fash do it) and you can see the result. The thread is chockful of racist posts against Palestinians, Ziobots openly calling any critic of Israel terrorist and generally a bunch of fash fuckers circlejerking about how awesome fascism is. But this post really takes the cake because they're clearly trying to reclaim and poison leftism from the inside. They're obviously fash fucks who claim to be "leftists" and enter leftist spaces and then start advocating for fash policies such as state colonialism, racism, and apartheid all the while claiming "the real Nazis were actually the non-whites because they're genetically predisposed to be fascist!!!" I fucking hate reddit. They're using the main subs specially one that is supposed to be about "news" to advocate for fascism, Nazism and basically the worst humanity has to offer. Fuck these Nazi fascist fucks. Fuck them to pieces. DEATH TO NAZIS. FREE PALESTINE. 🇵🇸✊ 🇵🇸✊ 🇵🇸✊

Sure we may not be able to be proud about having humane healthcare, or treating our prisoners humanely, or having a humane anything, but at least we can all be proud that we're really good at doing the murder!

Very informative video explaining what the IDF does in west bank in detail, and the apartheid nature of the occupation. Roughly 20 minutes.

TIL Zelenskyy believes Bandera was a hero who defended the freedom of Ukraine.
> There are indisputable heroes. Stepan Bandera is a hero for a certain part of Ukrainians, and this is a normal and cool thing. He was one of those who defended the freedom of Ukraine. Zelenskyy, who libs pretend his Jewishness makes Ukraine's Neo Nazis magically disappear literally praises this holocaust contributor who murdered thousands of Jews as a hero, and calls this a "normal and cool" thing.

PSA: [Wagner Group does not exist](https://archive.ph/oT1bM#selection-849.0-849.44). They're a loose group of unrelated combatants that US thinks have relations with Russian government. There is no evidence that Dmitry Utkin is the head of Wagner. The only proof there is is a [document acquired by BBC](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/extra/8iaz6xit26/the-lost-tablet-and-the-secret-documents) requesting equipment, which is signed by "D.U" which BBC claims "is believed" to be Dmitry Utkin. There is no evidence that Dmitry Utkin is a neo-Nazi. The article writes: (emphasis mine) > Mr Utkin, a former paratrooper in the Russian special forces, is **reportedly** the founder and overall commander of the Wagner group. He himself was formerly known as “Wagner” because of his **alleged** interest in Nazi Germany, which promoted the music of composer Richard Wagner. There is no proof that the image of a man with Nazi tattoos is Dmitry Utkin. The image's original source is [The Times](https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/russian-force-fight-control-libya-tripoli-gqffq9pg0), which claims the image is "**purported** to show Wagner’s leader Dmitry Utkin, a former Russian special forces commander". So what do we have? An image of a man with Nazi tattoos, **purported** to be Dmitry Utkin, who is **believed to be** the head of Wagner group, which **doesn't exist**. Libs claim this is the same level of a problem as the Azov Battalion, an explicit Nazi organization with explicit stated goal of establishing a fascist state in Ukraine, using explicit Nazi imagery, talking points, and politics, who are "training" child soldiers to ingrain fascist worldviews in them from an early age, who are officially and explicitly integrated into Ukraine's armed forces. Also important to note two things, firstly many people who criticize Azov are not even in favor of Russian invasion, and even people who wholeheartedly agree with the invasion are not doing so out of a hatred for the Ukrainian people. They are not happy watching some random Ukrainian kid die. Meanwhile the Azov supporters use Wagner as a justification to make racial claims such as "The Russian people are predisposed to violence due to their *eastern* roots" and they do in fact advocate for collective punishment on Russians. It's projection on every level.