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THe worst has yet to come

community based ads
Now I'm against ads like everyone else, but if a website needs ads to survive why not just use a system that doesn't violate user privacy? I understand it might be more efficient to track individuals however if one were to just use site/topic specific ads wouldn't that offer a degree of privacy? Idk please give me your opinion.

You were right actually, I then decided to try it on my laptop which has an Intel CPU and when I tried to make Ubuntu use the onboard card it wouldn’t boot. I’m now trying to do it with Manjaro but idk.

Yeah it doesn’t even have a GPU built in, that’s fine. Thanks for the recommendation though.

Play something like rust on windows so I can actually enjoy the experience with a lot of server options.

Hmm that isn’t a bad idea though, I recently got a hold of a small server, I don’t have great cooling for it though. How secure would this be to do over a WAN?

I can’t remember exactly but my mother board is a ROG board and in the about of my system it shows I have two cards. I currently have it set to prioritize the Nvidia card for the limited amount of gaming I can do now.

Does anyone have a good GPU Passthrough guide for kvm gaming?
Simply put, proton is great for playing single player games or even ones I don't mind playing offline like dark souls. However I recently purchased rust and am limited to servers with each disabled. I think a good work around is playing in a vm with my Nvidia GPU run through the onboard GPU. Many of the guides I have tried have yielded no results, idk if I'm doing something wrong. Help would be appreciated, I'm using Ubuntu with a 1080ti and a Ryzen CPU.

Your missing the idea that data centers have huge amounts of storage that are very expensive to protect and cool. Especially for companies like meta that record sooooooooo much on each and every one of us.