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Go read up on socialist countries like China, Vietnam, and Cuba. This isn’t a hypothetical discussion, socialist countries exist and they work a lot better than capitalist ones.

A poem about October revolution brought to you by Chat GPT
``` October revolution, A momentous day, A spark of change In a world so gray. The people rose up, With courage and might, To take back their power And claim their right. With fists held high And hearts on fire, They marched towards victory With a burning desire. October revolution, A beacon of light, A reminder that change Can be won through the fight. A symbol of courage And determination, A reminder to never Settle for oppression. So let us remember This glorious day, And continue the fight For a better way. October revolution, Forever be hailed, A beacon of hope In a world that often fails. ```

Humans act in a way that makes sense for them to act given the systemic pressures they’re exposed to. This is exact same process as natural selection that drives evolution. The system selects for certain types of behaviors that are successful within the system. Bad things will happen in any human society, but the general direction of society is what matters.

Change happens because people make it happen not because they wait for the society to become magically enlightened.

Exactly, people who claim that strikes shouldn’t be disruptive don’t understand the point of strikes. If a strike doesn’t inconvenience anyone then it’s just a parade.

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Sanctions are basically a modern version siege warfare, and their explicit intent is to harm the civilian population of the country. It’s a form of a war crime that US regime popularized.

Nah, you’ll always just be a random noise generator.

You’ve found the image that perfectly describes every single one of your comments here.

And once you learn a bit of WW2 history you’ll realize how utterly idiotic that statement is.

I’ve explained in detailed my little illiterate dronie.

Disproportionately minorities. Convicted of crimes. Problematic. Bad. Should be fixed.

It’s literally a feature not a bug. The drug laws in US are specifically designed to round up minorities to use as slave labour. Entire books have been written on the subject.

Not the same as people literally being enslaved for being Uyghurs without any individual suspicion of any crime at all.

You’re right, there is actual tangible evidence for people being enslaved in US.

Ah, for some reason, it wasn’t in the part I had quoted. I see now. I think you should maybe try reading the rest of that source.

Child learns to read. 😂

anyway, I’m done with you, your putin-lovin’ is boring now.

Please do go and spew drivel elsewhere.

it also likes to pay people in currency they can’t use to buy food and really loves to ban dissent. yeah, their citizens aren’t fed up with the bullshit at all, that extra eight weeks of life expectancy is totally worth not being able to get food.

Yeah, it sucks when a murderous empire blockades your country.

South Koreans saying “inequality is pretty rough, it’s kinda hell” is not the same a North Koreans saying “we don’t have any rights and regularly have to attend celebrations of our god-king, it’s fine, we’re not complaining, who’s complaining.” One nice thing about freedom is that you’re allowed to complain.

Ah look at you, an expert on North Korea. 😂

… you know that’s literally not how depraved the US regime is, right? You know we stopped segregation a while ago, right?

You know that US regime holds 20% of WORLD’s prison population, and it’s disproportionately minorities being used as literal slave labour right?

I’m not sure what your source is, but I assure you, the Nazis did, in fact segregate the Jews from the gentiles.

I literally linked the source. Maybe try working on your reading comprehension instead of making an ass of yourself on a public forum?